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  1. I obviously didn't make it clear - it was the English pilot's angry response to an ATC exchange between France ATC Centre and another, French speaking, pilot. He was not part of that conversation. My original comments are not meant to be a witch hunt - the main thing I believe is get across the point that languages other than English are permitted to be used between ATC and pilots in those areas where that language is an official tongue - Russian in Russian airspace, Arabic in Saudi Arabian airspace etc,. etc..
  2. Hi Alexandre, Yes, he spoke over the end of one of your transmissions. He must have been "closer" to my aircraft than to you as I heard him very clearly.
  3. It occurred around 2015z on frequency 128.1 and the name of the French controller was Alexandre (no surname given). I thought it needed a wider audience than a Supervisor, although it would be good if a Sup could have had a word with the unidentified pilot.
  4. Please correct me if wrong, but it is my understanding that ATC on Vatsim uses English as prime language, but in the national airspace of each country the national language may be used between aircraft and ATC, just as is permitted in the real world. Over France an unknown aircraft berated the French ATC controller with the words "Speak English" when ATC spoke to a French speaking pilot in their common language. This is not only bad manners, but is wrong on so many counts. As an Englishman myself I was embarrassed at this outburst and apologise unreservedly to the French ATC controll
  5. Where do you get enroute charts? I have searched for the United Kingdom and for South Africa (my current areas of interest) and I have found 'dead' URLs but no charts. I can find 'standard routes' (as per South African Airways), but no charts. I am a 'newbie' who has yet to log on for my first flight, but I am trying to be fully prepared. In my previous life I was used to having enroute airways charts for all sectors and would like to have the 'comfort' of my chart 'blanket'! As always, a crate of virtual beer goes to the best reply! Cheers, John
  6. As stated elsewhere I shall be in South Africa for the next 4 months. As a member of VATSIM Europe do I have to register with the Africa division in order to 'fly' in their airspace? I shall be using my South African ISP so my connection will come from a different source to my UK ISP. My SA ISP also has its own e-mail address - is there a way I can register both my SA ISP and e-mail with VATSIM but still keep my UK identity? I am hoping to fly a B747-400 from Cape Town to Johannesburg and back sometime in November just like I used to do. Many thanks for any help. John
  7. Having just joined VATSIM Europe I have now gone (come) to South Africa for the next 4 months. I have a 'low' powered platform at our holiday home which I intend to try and connect up. However I saw a reference to a minimum utilisation of the VATSIM network and am worried I may not achieve this minimum. Could anyone enlighten me as to these requirements? Many thanks.
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