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  1. This is an example of how fonts show on this forum vs Vat-Spy. Monitor is @4k, 200% dpi.
  2. Not a bug at all, but is there a future plan to increase the rendering resolution? Fonts are really pixelated and ugly, especially on larger screens. Glad to see you back developing the project!
  3. I can confirm this, as I'm the one Dave refers to. Started P3D, then vPilot. Did a full flight without issues. Kept P3D and vPilot running, but disconnected and reconnected with a different callsign. At first, everything was fine as I was able to listen to the frequency. After asking for my clearance, the problem started. I heard nothing, the controller sent me the clearance via text and I read it back via voice, which he able to hear because Dave told me the controller said "readback correct", which I couldn't hear. I then restarted vPilot and reconnected. From there, everything was back
  4. Is the development team still looking for servers to test on? I rent a VPS (Linux) which is currently not very busy... Please let me know via pm, I won't charge anything.
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