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  1. As we discussed the FPL form, it is excellent, I see a new platform is coming 😉 Do you guys plan to run some centralized NOTAM and ATC Booking system? I know it's lightly an offtopic, I don't want to create a new topic for that simple question, though. So far we are running on euroutepro, which has it's great moments. On the other hand, we don't want redirect for real NOTAMs, as - obviously, many of them do not apply to VS. So glad to see the network growth. Cheers,
  2. Cool. I felt it's about me, that's why I answered the way I did. I will ask to stick with the topic, though. Everyone can create a new topic out there and continue discussion out there.
  3. First of all: Is it somehow referred to me? [deleted, cuz below answer basically made this part irrelevant] As an Original Poster I am strongly asking you to return to main topic, rather than do any personal inquiries on any unrelated topic, please. Zach gave us out some sneak peak of what they are working on, and only made my curiosity bigger! Is it part of the new portal? What can we expect from it? Any estimated release date? SPOILERS, SPOILERS are what we need 🤩🤩. Seriously speaking, great job in making progress!
  4. But it's not standardized, everybody fills out as they want, and they have right to do so.
  5. Yeah I get it. As long as you are aware of the "issue" and somehow working on it, I am glad to hear that.
  6. I am more into EASA-land rather than FAA, didn't do a proper research about that. However, this is giving my argument another confirmation, that the change is not something "cool". It something - in my personal opinion - we need.
  7. I would like to talk about a thing, that may seem non-existent to many, but it's growing within community, that is truly taking old-but-gold motto "As real as it gets" still seriously. With enhancing the quality of the service, adding support to many mods & changes, and trying to adjust to changing real-world aviation, I'd like to talk about switching from old FAA Flight Plans to ICAO Flight Plan Form. Why is it even a concern in our virtual aviation world? Let me point out just a few advantages and disadvantages of the change: FAA form is valid form only in US, and also under sever
  8. We added it exactly 5 days after operational implementation in real life - yeah, like 2 AIRACs ago. Previously, S mode was avail, but not as main source of identification, therefore regular squawks were assigned. We introduced that on VS ASAP, because with 56 codes available for entire FIR we could easily spend entire range in 15-30 mins during events, getting tons of DUPE warnings.
  9. Create a issue on Git to add yours EH**. All of these FIRs use this plugin, so we receive and set 1000 to countries involved. It works in this way: If you fly outside this country, while you could potentially still receive 1000, because you'd be identified via S mode identification, you'd not get identified over i.e. Belarus - and the idea is to limit squawk code changes to minimum. Knowing that, you won't get 1000 flying outside "1000-zone".
  10. Hi! I am astonished by the beauty of the vatsim map. It's nice, that for basic coverage and tfc check we are not standing behind other networks and now we are finally miles ahead. One question, though, as I thought it may be useful to implement the link to the map in one of my applications: Is it possible to get some sort of direct link with already preset options? Like: point where the map is centered, zoom level and toggled functions. I would personally benefit from it a lot. Cheers to everyone involved, Mateusz
  11. I really spent quite amount of time to check it out - and nothing was really worth it/working. I am thinking about writing it by myself... Anyways, would like to be updated on this, too, if you find something. Cheers,
  12. Hello, I did not find a proper subforum for a Plugin developers, and I am one of them having a question, so maybe smb will be able to answer it here. At the beginning of EuroScopePlugIn.h we have set of classes that are defined inside ES. I want to have such thing as "custom" DUPE warning - it will illuminate with specific conditions met. In original Euroscopeplugin.h there is a class TAG_ITEM_TYPE_DUPLICATED_SQUAWK, is it possible to access it somehow? I am not very fluent in C/C++, so I am more or less trying my luck with some functions to work out. I have also few other que
  13. Website indicators.vatsim.net is down. Is there any info about launching similar service?
  14. Yeah, we are thinking about introducing an A-CDM plugin/software/website (not decided yet), and for now on there are no publicly available any complete soft for that, so we would be forced to extract data from EuroScope. We don't know how we'd like it to look like, but extracting data directly from VATSIM data servers would make our life easier for sure 😉
  15. any further reading for now 😉 ?
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