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  1. Negative. But v25 resolved... font changing on AC lists 🧐
  2. Use our colleague @Jonas Kuster's website https://webtools.kusternet.ch/color, pick the color and just take INT value.
  3. Unfortunately, this doesn't help for me. We tried this. For me it does not push any of the letters for a months now 😕
  4. Yeah, I am sorry I didn't make myself clear. Let me give you on the example: You have defined: FIR/ARTCC (let's say NY_CTR), and 2 splits defined (NY_43_CTR, NY_68_CTR). NY_CTR, NY_1_CTR, NY_W_CTR [...] and so on => Entire ARTCC shows up; VATSpy detects NY_43_CTR logged in => NY_43_CTR sector shows up.
  5. Ross, BOS_W1_CTR has one, extremely major issue - it will work only for 3 letter station codes. In Europe, and many other places, where we use 4 letters, the callsign would be too long - you can't log into EPWW_W1_CTR. Regarding frequencies - well, I get your point with overlapping sectors. You'd need to build entire sector ownership system just like the ATC apps does, and that is not effective for the purpose. IMHO, the option to leave entire FIR as long as specific sector lights up seems the most reasonable, and least invasive/revolutionary(?) at the same time
  6. I know, that Ross will help you the best way, but unistalling VATSpy, then clearing %appdata%\VAT-Spy (somehow old files were still there) and then reinstalling VATSpy helped me out.
  7. Well, VATEUD is already (trying to) handle all the frequencies. https://fsmine.dhis.org/vateud8/ It would be nice to motivate other regions to do the same and/or unite in it. Your point is right. In this matter (as in many others) centralisation - as a data center - while updated by the locals, would be benefical.
  8. That is true, and sometimes "losing" a middle char is also used (LON_N_CTR -> LON_CTR), because EuroScope in our example would recognize the sector by frequency anyways. And that is what you and me (in 2nd point) proposed.
  9. Ross, Thanks for pointing out this topic in original post. According to Europe: Most of the time _T_ is an trainee, and mentor/examiner is usually _M_/_X_. Second examiner would be _Y_ or _Z_. Regarding shift change: Most of the time we just do _1_, _2_, and so on. In my mind I have few ways that we could solve it out: 1) "Use default as long as I don't see a specified one" method - So, let's say, EPWW_CTR and all the variants covers EPWW in general (because I have two "FIR" definitions overlying - general EPWW and specified, EPWW-S, EPWW-N, EPWW-W, just to give an example
  10. Does VATSpy.dat only identifies FIR by 2 first letters? It creates an issue over Kaliningrad FIR, using same first 2 letters as Minsk FIR, while Kaliningrad is Russian, Minsk is Belarusian. Already many of the FIRs did that: look ad EDWW, EGTT, EGPX, LFFF. If the middle char is not recognized/no middle char in logon - then just assign to entire FIR, that would be possible.
  11. Hi Ross, Nice to see you again on board with this update. Highly welcome. I could only ask, if it's possible to add the support for middle char in the ATC login? Like now, the Vatspy does not recognize the difference between EPWW_CTR and EPWW_N_CTR, and many FIRs/vaccs are trying to implement a different showing of their ACC sectors to make it easier for pilots recognizing what is the AoR.
  12. As we discussed the FPL form, it is excellent, I see a new platform is coming 😉 Do you guys plan to run some centralized NOTAM and ATC Booking system? I know it's lightly an offtopic, I don't want to create a new topic for that simple question, though. So far we are running on euroutepro, which has it's great moments. On the other hand, we don't want redirect for real NOTAMs, as - obviously, many of them do not apply to VS. So glad to see the network growth. Cheers,
  13. Cool. I felt it's about me, that's why I answered the way I did. I will ask to stick with the topic, though. Everyone can create a new topic out there and continue discussion out there.
  14. First of all: Is it somehow referred to me? [deleted, cuz below answer basically made this part irrelevant] As an Original Poster I am strongly asking you to return to main topic, rather than do any personal inquiries on any unrelated topic, please. Zach gave us out some sneak peak of what they are working on, and only made my curiosity bigger! Is it part of the new portal? What can we expect from it? Any estimated release date? SPOILERS, SPOILERS are what we need 🤩🤩. Seriously speaking, great job in making progress!
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