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  1. Feb 18, 2017 2000z Agenda Open meeting, Roll call, Apologies and [proxies - KR Record ad hoc votes since last meeting - MR Old Business Pilot Subteam report - DP New Business VATSIM Connexion 2017 - GL FlightSimCon 2017 - GL Aerosoft Discounts - GL Potential involvement of RDs in membership management - JH OCE RD Selecton update - JH Supervisor Proposal - TB Department Updates EC Meeting and Regions Report - JH Network and Development Report - KH CR Report - NB VA/VSOA Report - RC Marketing and communications Report - GL Supervisor's Report - TB
  2. Amazing; the subtle and not so subtle disrespect for the owners of this network is beyond the pale. I am nuts to even get into this, there really isn't a win for me in this. But this comes up at just about every town hall meeting I attend so I'll tell you what I tell them. Most of the things that are suggested here can't be done on the current FSD platform. There is a new one in the works and it will have some of these features built into it and allow us to expand into some of these ideas, like a more tailored indoc process that ensures a new member gets some key basic information befor
  3. The recording failed on the SBR side, so there is no podcast available, sorry.
  4. Join me on SkyBlue Radio this Saturday, listen in, send in questions. http://skyblueradio.com/?p=5269
  5. 1. after landing you tell them where you want to go and they will give you clearance to go there. 2. Tell them where you are and your intentions, i.e., "Cessna 123, 15 miles NE for landing", then listen for their pattern entry instructions. 3. You can request progressive taxi but if you have a wrong layout you can tell them that. Many airports can be fixed by downloading new scenery or use AFCAD to fix them yourself. 4. Same as #2 above. The above applies to the USA, other locations may vary.
  6. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell our VATSIM family that Founder Tom Schroeder has p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed away from heart failure. We thank him for his contributions, his vision, the support he has provided to VATSIM since its inception, and he will be sorely missed by us all. VATSIM11, you are cleared to your destination as filed, climb to the stars, frequency change approved.
  7. Nope, 2.5, the part that says he will have to apply for visiting status and be approved by each and every location he intends to control within.
  8. Your plan will run afoul of the TVCP, so you may want to read up on it. This isn't something you can unilaterally do on this network. https://www.vatsim.net/docomeents/transfer-and-visiting-controller-policy
  9. When I say scary I mean mostly the expectation, not so much the actual experience. I do think some have run into a controller who may not have treated them well but that is most likely the minority of events. Mostly they hear one story, might not even be true, and that feeds the model that VATSIM is scary. As a rw CFI I can tell you rw students get mic fright too and it was always a part of the training to drag them into C and B airspace during training to get them over it. But I know rw pilots who avoid C and B's like the plague because they don't like talking to ATC. I wouldn't ta
  10. You guys are scary. That's the #1 comment I hear, people are terrified of talking to controllers and terrified of making mistakes.
  11. Nope, you're way ahead of things. Still technical details to work through first before it gets formally presented. But I can't imagine anyone saying no.
  12. Ross has put out that he and a few others have a proposal to do voice unicom/ctaf. The BoG have received that and are not in opposition to it. Ross does not currently have time to action the feature. Not sure what is left to be argued about.
  13. The number and placement of voice servers were determined by Kieran after study to provide the best service with the least latency. We used to have lots and lots of connection issues on this network; these days, not so much. Anyone here in the last two years wouldn't have a shared experience with someone talking about these issues of the past. Voice UNICOM or CTAF, or whatever you wish to call a voice channel with no controller on it is on the table. It is not trivial to implement and will take some time and resources.
  14. Bad idea; don't close airports for 'realism', don't hold people on the ground for long periods of time, don't prevent a pilot from landing at his or her filed airport.
  15. Open meeting, roll call, apologies and proxies - Kyle Ad Hoc votes since last meeting - Mark Welcome new VP Regions and VP Supervisors - Kyle Old Business Email to members who haven't connected in a while - Kyle ATC Sub Team Report - Kieran Pilot Sub Team Report - Divya CoC Rewrite Update - Kieran New Business Combined BoG/EC Meeting - Gunnar/Kyle CoR Update for Post Factum Suspensions - Kyle Department updates: EC Meeting and Regions Report - Kyle and TBD Network and Development Report - Kieran CR Report - Norman VA/SOA
  16. There is nothing wishy washy about it, it is well defined. But sometimes one must also understand other policies to see the full effect, as Mark points out above. What discussion did you think needed to be enjoyed on this? I'm not clear on what you're looking for.
  17. Not really, you can log back on any time. Just be careful in the future.
  18. The question needs to go to Apos, your RD. GRP is an EC policy and your RD as your rep to the EC is in the best position to answer for his region. Lots of people can give an opinion but in the end only his matters in VATRUS.
  19. VATIL hosted a Town Hall meeting on their TS channel yesterday with Yarden Ben-Dor (VATIL1) and Or Bahtari (VATIL2) leading the meeting. Also in attendance was Thomas Mathieu (VATAME1) and his [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Mahmoud Fadli (VATAME2) along with myself. About 25 people were there from the division. Below is a list of the topics covered in this voice meeting that lasted about 1:45 on their TS channel. The meeting was in English but Hebrew translation was available. VATSIM Training, ATC and Pilot Network punishes me as ATC with required training but pilots get a free walk
  20. Position: VATSIM Vice President Supervisors (VATGOV11) Responsible to: VATSIM Founders Team VATSIM BoG Team Position Duties: Leads and manages the Supervisor Team Sets direction and strategy for Supervisor role and duties Receives complaints and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns those complaints to the appropriate area for investigation and resolution Accepts, reviews and processes applications and requests of members to Supervisor status Submits requests to the Board of Governors for approval of new Supervisors and notifies individuals and Regional Directors of the B
  21. The position of VATGOV10 was vacated last month and after a discussion and BoG vote Gunnar Lindahl has decided to take that role as it meets his p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ions. We expect that p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion to translate into an improved communications and marketing profile for VATSIM across the FS world. Congratulations to Gunnar in this new role. Gunnar will continue in the GOV11 role until a replacement is named. I will be posting the opening for a new VP Supervisors, VATGOV11 later tonight (USA tonight)
  22. Most people who are involved with and have a keen interest in the VA/VSOA office are hired from VAs or VSOAs so it would eliminate 95% of the most qualified people to take a hard line on 'you can't belong to any VA' to be an audit manager. VAs are an integral part of VATSIM and members up to and including BOG and Founders belong to them. There are layers of oversight on such processes. As Roger has said the audit requirements and template are very prescriptive so it is hard for a conflict of interest to interfere. If the VA can provide the requested information there isn't any room to e
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