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  1. What you don't see is the various people who get un-invited to be VATSIM members based on repeated violations of CoC. That isn't a public process. It gets exercised nearly every month, sadly, from those who think we're kidding after a couple of suspensions until they learn we're not.
  2. I did my Instrument training in KABQ and had to learn to fly the approach at near full speed with a 737 in front and one behind. Not as often but an old 747 wasn't unheard of so some serious wake turbulence. We are working a plant shut down at work right now, using radios for most comms, and they complain. I played them some liveatc and they thought maybe our traffic wasn't so bad after all. I played a youtube of the conversations getting testy, they thought it sounded a bit like us too.
  3. I had a wonderful time. nice balance having your staff all present their piece. Sorry I had to bail out early (10:30 pm EDT) but I had to be up and acting alert by 0430. I would have liked to stick around for more conversation and questions.
  4. POSITION DESCRIPTION Position: VATSIM Vice President Regions (VATGOV4) Responsible to: VATSIM Founders Team VATSIM BoG Team Position Duties: Acts as the Board of Governors’ representative to the VATSIM Executive Committee and with individual Regional Directors and liaises between the Board of Governors and Executive Committee [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ists Regional Directors with inter-regional issues Provides reports to the Board of Governors on the activities of the Executive Committee and Regional Directors Provides reports to the Executive Committee on the activities of the B
  5. VATSIMers, I need to let you know and to help me celebrate the retirement of a long time friend and a person who has made huge contributions to VATSIM on division, regions and international levels. Peter has decided it is time for him to retire as the VP Regions and to attend to issues at home and in his professional lives and slow down on his VATSIM life. Peter became a Region Director for EUR in 2008 and was selected to join the Board of Governors in 2011, and has served with p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion, vigor and faithfully since then until now. Peter is not going away and re
  6. That's it, and using a voice room does not relieve one of using text. So basically those using a voice room have a chat room set up, not a UNICOM channel.
  7. If you were in the other seat you'd be eating chicken.
  8. Randy, you need to sign up as a SUP, you have a lot of experience as a pilot and the right demeanor as well. You can fly while standing by for calls too. Supervisors who are trained to handle issues with pilots who are available is the best solution to most of these complaints. It is a tool we have today and the rules are already in place for them to act in both the members' and VATSIM's best interest. More supervisors signing up means more supervisors available online to provide help within minutes and are able to handle either a pilot who will listen and take some coaching, or not.
  9. No, I ask the controller if there is any upcoming conflicts, and let them know to let me know if one arises. I mention this as it may explain what the SUP is doing for the next 30 min while it seems they are not doing anything. I do not feel all that tied to the 30 min rule myself, as there is nothing in CoC that says they must be given 30 min for anything. I am interested in talking to them to try to correct the behavior for the future. Unattended connections is the #1 reason for suspensions on our network. SUPs spend a lot of their duty time dealing with them. I doubt any of them
  10. When I get these calls one of my first interests is any upcoming conflicts. If yes, then we get to disconnecting them expeditiously and I then send them an email explaining why I disconnected them but then unable to ensure they got that message and understood it. If not then I have time to wait to see if they came back because more than anything I want to talk to them to explain why they need to stay in the cockpit.
  11. Heather Sherman built an L-10 for a recreation of this flight over at FSE, she might have a nicer panel for you as she tended to make sure panels were good. Heather's been away but you might check the file download sites and see if she posted the L-10E model she modified.
  12. Go fly it, Randy. This is a celebration of flight, not death.
  13. There is no requirement to support more than one ATC client by local facilities with sector files. If they choose to nothing stops them, but no requirement. No amount of internet lawyering will change that expectation.
  14. Johnny, is that system still active? What can you (or others) say about the results, both positive and negative?
  15. Because then you'd know the source of the error and can correct it. Sometimes just reloading that scenery will fix it and everything is good to go. It also adds to the body of knowledge about this error type as it seems to have mysterious elements to it so any new knowledge gets us closer to nailing it shut forever.
  16. I would try disabling any add on scenery. Start by disabling it all, then start up and see if it faults. If it does, that's not it. If it doesn't add half the sceneries back in and restart to see if it faults. If it does take out half of those and retest. If not add another quarter back in, test again. If at any time after all scenery is out without a fault then slowly add in and take away chunks so you can figure out which one is bad will sort through it.
  17. What he means is at the local levels they can only see info from the VATSIM DB on their own members, they can't see any other members. So to be able to use that facility you would have to transfer to that region or division so you show up in their feeds. It isn't more or new information. Pilots can change regions and divisions all they like, or not change it ever. You can fly anywhere regardless of your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned division. We [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign divisions for communications purposes only, pilots don't 'belong' to anyone and are served by everyone.
  18. Last week Luca Benelli, VATGOV3, VP of Network Systems, announced to the board that due to his increasing real life commitments he was stepping down. We have been living the last week in denial but now come to the reality we must say goodbye to a dear friend. Luca has been an integral part of the VATSIM networks for most of the time I have been on the BoG, first in a support capacity then he was asked to join the BoG as VATGOV3 to fill that vacancy, is one of the longest serving BoG members currently on the board and has been influential in the growth of the network systems and debottlene
  19. The minutes of the 2016 first quarter meeting have been posted in the BoG minutes page: https://www.vatsim.net/meeting-minutes/bog/2016-q1
  20. April 16, 2016 2000z on BoG TS Server Open meeting, attendance, apologies, record ad hoc votes since last meeting - KR Old Business: 1. GOV Department Updates with metrics (max 5 min each) - All New Business (expect 20 minutes minimum for each of these) 1. Email to members who haven't connected in a while - PN 2. Interim social media handling - GL 3. Approval for new Welcome Email - DG 4. BoG Position Descriptions - MR 5. VATGOV10 Replacement - MR 6. Are we growing the business? - KR 7. CoC Update Committee - NB
  21. I was going to point out that if the prices of things in Canada seem higher than the US, its because they have to buy extra vowels. I thought the facility trading was exceptionally good cross fertilization.
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