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  1. The rule still stands, there are no ground vehicles allowed to connect to VATSIM. Doing so risks removal or suspension, its just not worth it. PM sent to OP, will contact ATC side to make sure everyone knows the rules.
  2. Feedback is when a person asks for your opinion. Offering your opinion without being asked isn't feedback. Everyone wants updates. I want updates. However it is not a requirement of developers that they do so on any sort of regular or irregular basis. If they choose to do so and they handle it well, like Ross, then things tend to go well. Ross also asks for the help. For the record I noted the attempts to push this back in a positive direction after the negative comments, thanks for that, and my comments were aimed at the negative posts, not yours Cam or Joel. Asking nicely is a
  3. Stop demanding they give you an update. They do not owe you one. If you want to participate in the journey, learn to code and join the team. Writing and testing code moves the project forward, spending time telling you about coding and testing does not.
  4. Jan 16, 2016 2000z on BoG TS Server Open meeting, attendance, apologies, record ad hoc votes since last meeting - KR Old Business: 1. GOV Department Updates (max 5 min each) - All New Business (expect 20 minutes minimum for each of these) 1. SUP team update - GL 2. Membership retention strategies - GL 3. Membership Team Leadership - DG 4. BoG Position Descriptions - MR 5. VATGOV10 Replacement - MR 6. FlightSimCon 2016 Update - DP 7. A9/A14 Discussion - KR
  5. It is with sadness that I must announce that this weekend Justin Friedland retired from the BoG, with plans to return to his main p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion for VATSIM, flying and controlling. Justin was instrumental in helping us find and merge with the Boston Virtual group which has become 1quite dynamic within VATSIM already. He was also the vehicle that was able to help several international magazine writers who wrote articles about VATSIM. Please join me in thanking Justin for his great work and look for him on the scopes in NY. A posting for his replacement will be forthcom
  6. Not sure that banner is ours, but we lost the server with that service on it. It had others as well. Working now to put this content on other servers, they are working in priority order and the banners aren't mission critical so they will take some time.
  7. Region Director VATSIM Africa and Middle East Within the VATSIM Africa and Middle East there are three divisions, Africa, Israel and Middle-East. The Region Director manages and overseas each of these divisions and acts as the link between the Divisions and the VATSIM Board of Governors. The duties below are intended for further delegation in part but ultimate responsibility lies with the Region Director as defined under Article III of the Code Regulations of VATSIM. A Region Director is expected to be able to commit to at least 3 years and should take this into consideration befo
  8. Region Director VATSIM OCEANIA Within the VATSIM Oceania Region there are two divisions, Australia-Pacific and New Zealand. Overall VATSIM Oceania Region (VATOCE) administers a large geographical area in the South Pacific which includes Australia, New Zealand and all the island nations in the South Pacific, including many parts of Antarctica. The Region Director manages and overseas each of these divisions and acts as the link between the Divisions and the VATSIM Board of Governors. The duties below are intended for further delegation in part but ultimate responsibility lies with
  9. Thank you for stepping up to lead this team.
  10. I got an email today letting me know I had a promise to fulfill to this gentleman, Ron Oines 810755, who has just gone over 25,000 hours (25,001 to be exact) that I would make him the 25,000 hour Pilot badge when he crossed it. Ron has been a member since July 2001. 25,000 hours is 1,041.67 days, or 148.8 weeks, or an astounding 2.86 YEARS in the cockpit while flying VATSIM. Thanks Ron, the order for the new badge is off to the design group!
  11. It is with great pleasure that I announce that the selection process to find our next VATGOV2 has concluded and we found quite a gem. We had several good candidates and the final vote was with three qualified contenders. The vote was concluded and Mark has accepted the job and of course the generous pay raise. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating Mark Richards, formerly RD and EC Chairman, who today joins the BoG as VP Operations! Postings to replace Mark's RD position will follow shortly. Interested parties, please prepare your CV's.
  12. The BoG will hold it's Q3 2015 voice meeting on Nov 21, 2015 at 2000z and have invited the members of the EC to join them for this meeting. The agenda is as follows, questions to the BoG or EC can be emailed to myself. * Open meeting, take attendance and apologies, record ad hoc votes – 5 Min * GOV1 Update – KR – 10 min * Discuss VATSIM Conferences – KR/GL/KH – 20 min * Planned Voice protocol Updates – KH – 15 min * 2020: A VATSIM Odyssey – KR – Expected Outcome – Global Outcome is to build a vision and path for what VATSIM will look like by 2020. This agenda item is specifica
  13. We are not doing this in the forum. If the OP wants this checked out, I am happy to do so if they feel it rises to that level. Send me an email. My second offer in a week, the first offer has yet to be fulfilled (crickets in my email box after the offer). If the local facility needs the feedback, and they do, please send it and they will investigate and coach the person. Nobody gets in 'trouble' but it gives the local leadership a head's up and they can solve it by coaching and if that doesn't work there are other tools they can bring to bear. You should do that before sending me an e
  14. VATSIM's Code of Conduct (CoC) was recently updated with the addition of a new clause in the first General Section A, Article 16, which now states: This makes clear that the rules for military operations and activities are governed by the VATSIM Special Operations Policy docomeent found in the Docomeents section of the web site. No rules in that policy have changed, we have simply made it visible in the CoC docomeent for members and supervisors that these regulations exist and all will be held accountable to them like any other clause in the CoC. These docomeents are available fo
  15. VATSIM is requesting applications for those qualified and interested in the position of Vice President, Operations (VATGOV2). This role is a full voting member of the Board of Governors. OUTLINE This Governor’s primary responsibilities: To oversee the day-to-day operation and administration of the network. To take a leading role in the design and implementation of global strategy and policy. To report key performance indicators to the Board of Governors and membership at regular intervals to measure trends on the network. To liaise with members of the Board of Gover
  16. * Open meeting, record ad hoc votes since last meeting - Steven 2000z-2005z * Regions and GRP Update - Peter 2005-2035z * Pilot Training Update - Divya 2035-2045z * SUP Coverage Update - Gunnar 2045-2055z * Close meeting - Steven 2055-2100z There is time for questions from members. If any member has a question you can email it to myself or Steven Cullen.
  17. The BoG announces their upcoming quarterly voice meeting, the agenda below. Any member wishing to address a question to the BoG may do so by emailing VATGOV2 (address below in sig) to be included in the agenda. Agenda · Open meeting, record ad hoc votes since last meeting - Steven 2000z-2010z Old Business · VATGOV14 Selection Update - Kyle 2010z-2015z · Training Automation Proposal - Steven/Kyle 2015z-2025z New Business · Supervisor Dept Report - Gunnar 2025z-2035z · PC Pilot Partnership - Justin 2035z-2050z · Regions Report - Peter
  18. VATSIM is represented by the folks at Boston ARTCC, please do stop by and say hello to our folks at their booth.
  19. Ok well then by that logic, I am not only a member of the ZLC ARTCC but I am also a member of the vUSAF which is a recognized vSOA organization. So does that make it acceptable for me to do so then? That is flawed logic. Being a member of a vSOA, but not operating within a signed and approved LOA with the local facility, means being a member of a vSOA gives you no additional privileges at all for that facility. There is no vSOA equal in the controlling side at all but there is a similar concept for controlling certain facilities, its called the GRP and VCP. It is acceptable if you a
  20. To put a point on it there is nothing special about a mil airport in VATSIM All airports within a facility's boundaries are owned by that facility regardless of mil or civil configuration. You must be a recognized and rated controller for that facility (perm or visitor) and have authorization from them to open an airport.
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