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  1. The minutes of the meeting held 24 Jan, 2015 at 2000z has been posted and is available for download from the minutes web page. http://www.vatsim.net/meeting-minutes/bog
  2. Edited to clarify the ATP knowledge requirement - it is the knowledge level, not the certificate, that is important. And extended the cut off date to Feb 18 to allow a full two weeks since email NOTAM was sent (today).
  3. VATSIM is requesting applications from those qualified and interested in filling the position of Vice President of Pilot Training which is a full voting member of the VATSIM Board of Governors, VATGOV14. OUTLINE: This Governor's primary responsibilities: 1. To accept, review and process applications and requests from organizations who wish to join the VATSIM Authorized Training Organization (ATO) program including audits to ensure ATOs comply with VATSIM rating guidelines. 2. To maintain and grow the current vision for the VATSIM pilot ratings program along with the Pilot Training
  4. VATSIM has never said no to this event, we left it to the locals to decide how they will engage. This year it looks like we have a champion.
  5. The next meeting is set for Jan 24, 2015 at 2000z. Below is the agenda. Any VATSIM member wishing to ask the BoG a question may forward that question to my email and it will be asked and answered. * Open meeting, welcome new members, record ad hoc votes since last meeting - Steven 2000z-2010z * Review Pilot Training Dept - Kyle for Pan 2010z-2025z * Training automation opportunities - Steven 2025z-2040z * Web and server issues and updates - Kieran and Luca 2040z-2055z * VSOA Regulations enforcement - Roger and Gunnar 2055z-2110z * PDS Project discussion - Justin 2110
  6. You should make a new post on this separate issue. It will be hard for those who could help you to find it here.
  7. Uncheck "Pause on Task" in FSX settings.
  8. I had the same error. What I think I figured out is the silent period start AFTER you click OK on the dialogue box, so the silent period is between when you click and the next box pops up saying to talk for five seconds. Don't use the PTT during this test.
  9. Yes, you can do that. You can also file a simple plan that just says you are local VFR so then they know what you are doing.
  10. Souns like you need to talk to the original copyright owner. We can't help, and won't help overcome a copy protection.
  11. Make contact with the ARTCC you want to rejoin and talk to them. I suspect you will find a few quick proficiency checks will have you back on the scopes quickly, unless in that you and they discover a gap, then once that is filled you will be on your way. Everyone is different but if your retention is high this will be a quick and easy exercise. If you run into something that looks unreasonable please contact the DD Don Desfosse and he will look into it for you and ensure the ARTCC policy is in line with the VATUSA policy and if not he will have it corrected.
  12. Jus a reminder to anyone who is thinking of applying for this important role in VATSIM. The close date is Saturday.
  13. It gives me great pleasure to announce the BoG has selected the new VP Supervisors. Please join us in welcoming Gunnar Lindahl as the new VP Supervisors for VATSIM. The choice was very difficult and this was one of the most qualified panels of candidates we have processed in some time, all coming from the SUP community, which I think speaks well for the quality of people within this pool. Gunnar will begin taking his office without delay.
  14. VATSIM is requesting applications from those qualified and interested in filling the position of Vice President of Membership and a full voting member of the VATSIM Board of Governors, VATGOV12. OUTLINE: This Governor's primary responsibilities: 1. To accept, review and process applications and requests from members who wish to join VATSIM through automated and manual processes. 2. To maintain the VATSIM CERT database records regarding changes to Member records, ratings status, and privilege levels within the network to maintain validity of all accounts. 3.To monitor the performance of
  15. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=64124 Five pages, as of release, of Q&A, suggestions and feedback to and from Justin, the developer of vATIS.
  16. Please post questions and use notes for vATIS here. Read the announcement and get the dowloads here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=65839
  17. VATSIM is pleased to announce the release of vATIS, a new, automated ATIS software package, being made available to VATSIM controllers. Building on a three-year old concept, the project is the work of Justin Shannon, controller and Webmaster for the Los Angeles ARTCC in response to a desire to have an easy to use, effective, automatic voice ATIS creator for everyone’s use. While EuroScope does include a voice ATIS in its radar client, vATIS utilizes true voice synthesizer technology, giving it the ability to “read and say” whatever is written in the text box. Not only will the ou
  18. None are free. You would have to contact the region and division directors for those areas to discuss opening one up.
  19. Low barrier to entry for new players. As they gain experience and want to go play with the more complicated ways to connect they can, but out of the box vPilot was designed to get a new pilot online in less than 15 min.
  20. Mine displays without it. There may be browsers that need it but so far this is the first time that has come up.
  21. Here is the link to get your badge (cut and paste link, edit with your CID where you see 'xxxxxxx'): http://pcflyer.net/indicators/pilotbadges/xxxxxxx.png or http://pcflyer.net/indicators/atcbadges/xxxxxxx.png Make sure to use your CID to try this out. I also recommend you try it in your browser first; if you are below 500 hours for Pilots or 1000 hours for ATC it returns a text string informing you that you haven't qualified for a badge yet. Once you are satisfied it is working you can add it to your siggy banner on the forum. These badges will work in any forum you have a cus
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