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  1. hey @Andreas - does your TCAS currently work in swift? mine does not, wondering if the problem is not just limited to FS9 at the moment?
  2. might sound dumb but if I'm not mistaken MCP alt can put a stop to your approach if it's set at your minimums, say you don't want to go any lower than 700ft unless you can see the runway. I forgot to set my MCP alt lower so when i intercepted the glide i stopped at my previous [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned 2,500ft
  3. yep I had it yesterday as things were winding down in heathrow, buddy taxxing in next to me said he'd already parked up as i watched him land and taxi in next to me, smooth but delayed... also weirdly I couldn't see him but I suspect that's an issue with how I'm layering my CSL files
  4. at the risk of repeating the above I also use simbrief, sky vector and ChartFox Chart fox is a great tool for gathering charts easily for free. of course if you did have the money I'd say subscribe to Navigraph, flight planning, flight planning export to sim, charts and FMC data.
  5. AFV Development team (and fellow testers) All the different client platforms, Vatsim BOG, Facility engineers, Great effort all-round, It was time for vatsim to move forward and it has, All the times i've moaned about this problem - and now it's sorted, it's a great feeling from the user end. Well done and thank you all. p.s. #BlameGary
  6. Which country's AIP is this? I think common sense comes into it here, calling every final is no bad thing but you wouldn't call on every leg. If kept concise I'd be happy to hear unicom used doing circuits nearby
  7. If you're the minority holding back progress you're hurting the community you wish to be part of. It's not hard, download a new client, ENJOY advances in technology. I bet your phone is newer than your pilot client, and even if it isn't you must accept that to move forward we have to adopt new things.... Join the fun, embrace the change
  8. Don't be afraid of being wrong, as long as you are humble enough to learn you'll not look stupid. Controllers aren't there to wrap your knuckles should you get something wrong, more to help you conduct a safe ( and fun, virtual) flight
  9. Thanks for the input chaps! I'll post up here if I find any more recommendations for anybody else reading wanting to know
  10. Hi all, A bit of a weird one maybe but, say for example I want to fly from A-B-C-D but only doing a touch and go, or a low approach - go around at B and C: 1. How do i best communicate this on my flight plan 2. How does this work with SIDs? am i given one before i touch down at B/C? am I given vectors? or do I execute missed app proc (even on a touch and go) (expecting this answer to be a variable from airport to airport but guidance is welcome) 2. Should i pre-note controllers with my intentions as good practice? Thanks in advance, Dan
  11. If you would like to control, you must go through the training process for the region you would like to control it, while she's learning that you could learn this here
  12. I'm a fresh S1, I'll be honest, I'm excited BUT I probably couldn't handle a full workload yet. Say for example the person writing this ATIS is fresh to their rating they literally may not have the experience (or confidence) to deal with a busy environment yet, I'd like to ask you if you'd conduct the flight without ATC full stop or a reduced service -IF- it was necessary. Stay positive and I hope it works out for you, also a side note: text pilots are actually very similar in speed to communicate with as voice pilots, all I have to do is select the aircraft, type maybe 4 keys and hit
  13. Arthur simply wishes to fly with other people, without atc, I would recommend connecting to the network on swift as an observer, in this way he won't have to interact with any services at the same time not impeding others. Going back to the chap who replied to my post, a personalised friendly contact me is perfect, if you can make it sound welcoming; the newbie may be less startled, I encourage it.
  14. I think making a contact me more friendly would help the situation, the ones that don't care are generally loud, obnoxious and don't care about being in the way - THEY need training or weeding out NOT the nervous new starter. The kind of pilot that thinks he's inconvenienced somebody or simply found it too intimidating to contact ATC are the ones to disconnect. A contact me sounds like a "telling off" kinda like "why aren't you on my frequency CONTACT ME NOW" when really it could be friendlier, something that sends a message like "welcome to London center, please contact me on 123.45"
  15. Perhaps consider to take matters into your own hands, there are a few good editors that might help. Obviously when you spend hard earned money on something; you should be made aware of exactly what you're buying! providing a chart of the airport in this case would be helpful. Because forums are a good place for communities to discuss things with those who have similar interests
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