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  1. Automated email came at around 4:58 pm local time while I was in the air on VATSIM. Ty for all help. Resolved
  2. The P2 is showing properly on the stats page: https://stats.vatsim.net/search_id.php?id=1396980 I have not been updated other than a reply from VATGOV14 that my P1 rating will appear as of yesterday. Nothing at all showed up please fix this so that I may begin P2. What is going on? Thanks.
  3. Seems like they dropped the ball or something happened. I see many others enrolled as well at the VATSIM Pilot Academy.
  4. Time has now exceeded 48 hours. No communication from vatsim pilot academy.
  5. I learned in the VATSIM Pilot Academy that VATSIM Founders will not make available pilot ratings a mandatory thing. To keep it optional. Each pilot and ATC are responsible for following the Code of Conduct, mindful to the regulations of what may come of them if disciplinary repercussions may warrant. I wouldn't take them for granted. They look to be designed to keep VATSIM a peaceful and fun learning environment. P1 is really worth the time. I agree with the founders of VATSIM. We must never argue with those who aren't following rules. Sign on to the nearest ATC and let them know about it
  6. Hi, Al, I wanted to add a recommendation to begin with the Vatsim Pilot Academy to start with P1 Online Pilot which would answer alot of your questions, also will bring more confidence in using the network. I just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed my written for P1 and know a little more, but I do have a forgetful mind https://academy.vatsim.net/ Use your VATSIM login to sign in.
  7. At the VATSIM Pilot Academy: I p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed written exam 88% for P1 Online Pilot rating. 88% which is better than the 70% minimum. It has been close to 48 hours. I feel left in the cold on this. No email and No pilot rating on my vatsim stats. I cannot proceed to P2 till it is offical
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