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  1. Hello everyone. Have not found any description about following question. How to assign SID/STAR/RUNWAY via plugin environment? As well as assign or revoke clearance flag. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone Is there any document where pilot rating ids are defined? For instance 7 - CMEL, 15 - ATPL... What about others? Thanks in advance and sorry if topic is duplicated
  3. Good day everyone Any chance for now or future to include into dev function to obtain IAS/CAS additionally to GS?
  4. Hello developers! Sorry if topic is unsuitable for the question — I would be glad if moved into correct chapter 🙂 Here is a little example or code (inside OnFunctionCall of plugin): When clicked on Tag item, first popup shows correct - all items from lines 842-845. Problem is that after clicking on "Direct", which triggers function on line 853 , popup with points doest not show (line 858) despite of correct entry and adding items in line 868 What am I doing wrong? Thank tou in advance.
  5. Good day everyone! I have tried to create Vatrus Moscow FIR organization. When opening it I have: Could you clarify what is VSO1 and where to supply provided code because there were no forms on input fields are on mentioned page. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello again. Currently in flight, selected CE server. Problem repeared again. Is it only with me? Has anyone else faced such problem? I think a good idea would be if vPilot could reconnect automatically after disconnection. As far as I remeber in FSInn such possibility was included.
  7. Hello everyone. Last two days me and my friend faced the following error: During our flight from Moscow to Minneapolis such kind of disconnections happened 4 times and repeated today. What can it be? We do not use proxy servers, vPilot is included into white-list of antivirus programs. Thank you for attention.
  8. Hello everyone! Sorry if's been discussed but won't be useful if add something like this: <LastLogged> <ATC> <Callsign>UUWV_CTR</Callsign> <DateTime>01.01.2015 15:40:12</DateTime> <Rating>11</Rating> </ATC> <Pilot> <Callsign>GLP1015</Callsign> <DateTime>01.01.2015 15:40:12</DateTime> </Pilot> </LastLogged>
  9. Hello, everyone! Background: Vatrus has been approved for second IP address. Currently we are using vatrus.info as primary and vatrus.org as secondary domain due to technical issues. Problem details: Error has been thrown during SSO session initialization on vatrus.org: Redirect/callback URL invalid or does not correspond to to this site. Config details: $sso['return'] = 'http://vatrus.org/sso/?return'; Conclusion: Even though IP address of vatrus.org has been approved we are unable to use it. As I understood its because of .org is not a part of PRIMARY .in
  10. Hello everyone! Today VATRUS has established connection to SSO system. Thanks a lot to all developers involved! We have tested system and It almost works fine. Here is an one issue about using built-in translator in modern browsers. Some of our guys using Chrome built-in translator after translating from English into Russian have failed to complete SSO logon due to unexpected error. This error caused re-entering to confirmation page once more and more. The solution was to switch-off translator. Currently all of our users are warned about requirment not to use mentioned translat
  11. Dear pilots! With pride we want to announce that one of the best students of Moscow FIR (UUWV) is about to to graduate from Vatrus Training Department. We invite you to join practical exam expected at 16th of February (Sunday) from 13z until sudent will be INOP
  12. Good day everyone. I've found out, that AutoTools require HTTPS connection and client must present SSL certificate. No notams or special topics were found. Where should I get related certificate? Authorization services are down due mentioned above...
  13. Dear pilots! We are glad to announce end of training of two our students: Vladimir Anisimov and Anton Myglan. They need to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] practical exam, while p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing, they will be responsable for all Mosocw Airspace. All pilots are welcome to support guys, thanks a lot!
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