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  1. Hi. I cannot access Sweatbox because I don't have enough Vatsim rating. I would like to know if there is any way to extend the licence to more users. Is there any payable version or licence? Kind Regards Emilio
  2. Hi guys. Do you know how can I use Tower view on a sweatbox session with the Euroscope local FSD server? I'm struggling with it. Kind Regards Emilio
  3. Hi everyone. Now it says that the public licence has expired. I pressed No when it asked me to delete it, but the other person could not connect to my FSD server. It was working fine when the licence was still valid. What can I do? Is it possible to get another free licence? How could I purchase one? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi. I'd like to join spanish division, but I don't know how. How can I do it? Thanks in advance.
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