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  1. Hillarious calling for the ban. I once had a ground controller sending me private messages where he was instructing me to land on the other runway while I was on short final at EGLL trying to land Concorde. Concorde is not an easy plane to land by anyones standards, nor is a ground controller supposed to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign runways to pilots in unicom airspace. It wasn't a pleasant experience, but at least nobody threatened me with a ban lol
  2. Ident makes your radar tag flash on the controllers screen. There's an ident feature on VATSIM as well, not sure if it's a proper mode S implementation tho. You shouldn't press the Ident button on your pilot client unless your controller specifically instruct you to do it
  3. Most of all you need to convince the vatsim br[Mod - Happy Thoughts] that there's a wish for change. I don't think it's going to be easy tho, they seem quite conservative about their network
  4. This is not an ATC client, it's a pilot client
  5. That would be the most proper way to deal with it. They are of course allowed to deal with it how they prefer to do it. There will always be traffic after an event have ended, infact, the heaviest traffic is often just after an event have ended. It could have been planned for, its not like this was the first time zny held an event. This is not a store, this is the small community of vatsim. But when I think about it, I have never been told to leave a store, just because their opening hours just ended. I have always been allowed to pick up what I wanted to buy before they closed. I dont thi
  6. I didnt get time to fly this event, so my comments are meant more as general remarks rather than specific for this event. The way I look at it is that controllers are of course allowed to log of whenever they like, however, it is kinda bad etiquette to log off at the moment the event ends, especially when their sector is crammed full of planes. When all the controllers from one artcc decides to log off at the exact moment the event ends it makes their ARTCC look bad. From what I've been reading it seems like the planning was a bit clumsy for this event. Maybe it would have been an idea to get
  7. Its an issue when I have to fly through somebodys airspace without being controlled because the particular controller is obsessed with the position reports instead of dealing with the situation with the tools that he has available. But tbh, its not really that big of a deal to me. On another note, I dont think this topic (or most topics regarding pilot quality) are well placed on the vatsim forums, as I imagine that most of the regular posters here are probably fairly competent pilots and they do infact check in with a position report. I know I do. It seems like OP is preaching to the cho
  8. I didnt think this was about checking in on the frequency. I thought this was specifically when a controller logs on and he has 30 planes in his sector. Why would you try to use "real" procedures for a situation that never occurs in real life? There is no real procedure for this particular situation. Why not just use the tools that are available until you got the situation under control so it resembles real life, instead of asking for a position report? I dont get it.
  9. .find only works to highlight VORs, NDBs, and Intersections. It does not work for aircraft. so not only is it not a Radar ID method, it is not even a command. Okay, thats not how .find works in Euroscope So you have a better way to get aircraft to call you then? All he pointed out is that .find is not a form of radar identification. Yes it can help, but still OP is correct is in request. Its the same practice as if a pilot departs VFR out of a non towered airfield and decides to call up Enroute for FF or Pop up IFR. Who you are, where you are, "how high"(haha), and what do you want.
  10. Well, we are already in fantasy land, since a center controller is signing on and the uncontrolled airspace suddenly turns into controlled airspace in an instant and the controller is magically sending text messages to all the planes in his airspace. Surely it would be possible to continue in fantasy land until all the targets have been identified and tracked
  11. Dont you got a find command in your atc client? .find DAL2
  12. I thought the proper phraseology was "Washington Center, Cessna 12345 requesting descent.". I thought "requests lower" was slang, kinda like if a controller tells me to climb and maintain fl200 i reply "up to FL200" edit typing error
  13. You do not need to type most of the time, basically only when you need to announce something over unicom (which is very rare for me)
  14. Thats one thing I like about automatic ATIS with Euroscope. It automatically updates, no need to manually record. Its great for busy (or lazy) controllers
  15. The overhead break + full stop landing (break initiated at about 35 seconds) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7Hn8EMa8sQ
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