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  1. Salam to VATSAU/VATME members, Any plans for a Hajj event? Could we please have Jeddah staffed for a fly in? Will gladly help with organizing. Ahmed Ahsen Virtual PIA
  2. Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of preparing for making the Pakistan division on vatsim. Would anyone be willing to help out with making a sector file? Even if you can make one or more, its your choice and will be a great contribution. I'm also open to any folks who would like to join the division and help with docomeentation, etc. Thanks in advance. Ah,ed
  3. Congrats you guys, great to see your site, very well done to all of you
  4. Dear Zahid, Well first of all, if you're flying on vatsim dont bother flying with fsacars on if it causes errors. We can add your flight time from your online log. Second I, and several friends all use squawkbox, I'd suggest use that. Google it for the download. Other times there may be an error with the net connection, or with a server. Try reconnecting after some time. Third, for FSACARS make sure you only have the original version on VPIA website, not the update to 4.0.15 - Im using FS2004 on win 7, running squawkbox and fsacars. And last are you located in Pakistan? I can cal
  5. Congratulations Deepan bhai! Awesome, awesome news. A true gentleman and professional whose talents have been rightly recognized by VATSIM & I see tremendous development and progress in Asia under the excellent leadership of Deepan.
  6. Dear members, On behalf of Virtual PIA http://www.vpia.org (which includes the preparatory group for Vatsim Pakistan) I would like to cordially extend an invitation to all of you to attend our first ever event - where we, in [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociation with VATIndia and VATME will man our country's major airports, Lahore (OPLA) and Karachi (OPKC) and Islamabad (OPRN) The event is going to be held on April 3rd, 1200-1700Z and onwards. All pilots and virtual airlines are invited to fly in for this first ever event for Pakistan! A huge note of thanks to Mr. William Woo for his
  7. Well guys, I am off to VATSAU (Saudi Arabia). Getting started on the study material, wish me luck!
  8. hi guys, I am new here, real world pilot and flight instructor - want to learn atc procedures. already set up VRC observed for a few hours in LAX_CTR My division VATSEA is not taking any people for training, any division willing to help? I am very, very eager to learn and then setup a new division in the future for my region. And one more thing - my mic is consistently picking up way too much background noise, even though on MSN/Skype I can chat crystal clear. In the audio options I see my driver, then 'wave' and 'direct' - which should I select? thank you!
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