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  1. I meant the X-Plane Resources folder, not an XSB one. All plugins go into X-Plane/Resources/plugins.
  2. To be fair to Wade, that's only two of the three pilot clients. XSquawkBox is dead simple to install (copy two items into the plugins folder), and it's been quite reliable and simple to use. Not to mention that it's been updated from time to time, too. It's the whole MSFS ecosystem that's convoluted and messy—are installers really necessary just to add a new aircraft? I think X-Plane and XSB prove that at least part of the problem rests on the shoulders of MSFS, and that pilot clients can be easy to install and use on VATSIM, once you take Microsoft out of the equation. I'm not c
  3. Try looking for Log.txt instead. It's possible that it doesn't have permission to write to Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox Resources/, which is where the XSquawkBox Prefs file is stored. Check the ownership of those folders.
  4. I have the Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 and X31 headsets for our Xboxes, and just received my ClearChat Comfort USB in the mail yesterday. The Turtle Beach headsets sound great for games, given their larger drivers and full-sized ear cups. I use the X1 headset for both my computer and one of the Xboxes, and I find that the ClearChat's mic is definitely better. For chatting on Xbox live, the Turtle Beach headsets do the trick, but when I tested voice recordings from both the X1 and the ClearChat, the X1 has noticeably more noise in the background, and the mic gives a little more b[Mod - Happy T
  5. Heh.. I should've read his other threads first That doesn't look like any XSquawkBox dialog I've seen—they're internal to X-Plane, and don't look like Windows dialogs, like his screenshot does. I'm guessing that's from another sim?
  6. Herbert, did you actually read the posts immediately following your screenshot? The short and sweet version is that you didn't follow the installation instructions. Ernesto even went to the trouble of highlighting the parts you got wrong.
  7. I fly the Beech 1900D more than anything else, and the B350 is almost the same cockpit. Hard to beat the Piaggio Avanti Alterna (the mod to the default one), here: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9572. I just love the sound of those pusher turboprops. And the new B-17G coming out next month is surely going to be some strong competition: http://khamsin.org/b17/manual/ For freeware helis, the EC135 and Hughes 500D are fantastic.
  8. i dont use Xplane but going by what the instructions say, you seem to have done it wrong, wait for Jordan Haha.. what Ernesto said. Emphasis is perfect.
  9. To post images on the forum, you have to upload them somewhere that's web-accessible like a picture-sharing site or your own website, and then insert a link to them using the Img button above the post editor.
  10. Emphasis mine. Please paste us a screenshot of your X-System/Resources/plugins folder. I'm guessing you didn't copy the files to the right place.
  11. First, please stop creating a thread every time you want to write something; this is the fourth thread you've started on the same subject. What he means is, you haven't read the docomeentation. When you unzip the file, there's a folder called Docs. Read that docomeentation.
  12. Tonight, Thursday March 3rd, from 6:00PM PST to 7:30PM PST (Mar. 4, 0200z-0330z), Alex Watkins will be taking his over the shoulder exam to be checked out on Vancouver Terminal. CZVR will try to staff as many airports and positions as we can in the Lower Mainland / Vancouver terminal control area, and invite everyone to show up and give Alex some traffic, as well as our new controllers who will hopefully be staffing positions scattered around the area. VFR or IFR, props, jets or helicopters, flights to/from Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford, Pitt Meadows, Boundary Bay, Nanaimo, Langley, Bel
  13. Run it again, letting XSB load, and check the log in the X-Plane folder. It should be informative as to the last thing that was accomplished before the crash.
  14. To do this, don't tap CTRL after it's loaded—hold CTRL down immediately after launching the app, and keep holding it down until you get the dialog about running XSB or not. If X-Plane still crashes, it's not likely XSB that's doing it. Also, be sure to check the log file in the X-Plane folder, it can be quite informative.
  15. If not the identifier, what else would you use to identify it? FWIW, Victoria (CYYJ) has the same setup, using the same frequency for opposing ILS. RW, the controllers flick the switch to change from 09 to 27.
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