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  1. I have a question about the new aircraft type selection and its effect on model matching. At the moment my understanding is any user aircraft is matched to the AI by the aircraft type and ATC Parking Code field in the aircraft cfg. Is there anyway that if someone wanted to connect as a cargo aircraft that vpilot would look at the stand type and choose the entry that has the 'atc parking types = cargo' as a priority? My example is of seeing 3 Cathay Pacific 747's, two are actually freighters but in my model matching they show was 2 p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger and 1 cargo variant
  2. I too am very much keen for this. Some aircraft types I've seen recently 'RJ1' - not RJ1H '77L' - not B77L '777-200ER '- not B772 'B777' 'B747' '747' Maybe this could link into the model matching so if someone is in a cargo variant they will show up as one? Whether it can look at the specific aircraft.cfg entry and look at the parking type line? Cargo repaints seem to be generally filled out like this; ATC_Parking_Type=CARGO
  3. Hi Ross, I have a couple of requests for features; no idea how easy these may be, one of them may happen or there may be a method for it already but I'm not sure. 1) Allow pilots to specify a registration when logging on, would allow for an AI traffic specific repaint to display if the livery is present that has the same registration taken from atc_id in the aircraft.cfg. Would be good for special liveries 2) VMR auto check for changes when vpilot loads up. Thanks Tim
  4. Hi All, Im Tim from Caledonian Virtual Airlines just here reminding you (if you have forgotten) that we will be starting our Caribbean operations from tomorow. Caledonain Crews will be flying into the Caribbean all over the weekend. If there is any ATC on it would be greatly appreciated by all the Caledonian crews. We look forward to flying in your airspace! Regards Tim Mitchell UK General Manager http://www.caledonianva.com
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