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  1. okay i have now watched a bunch of tutorial videos and i get the whole sids and stars thing: its just a way for atc to put planes in a clean, straight line. I have looked at a bunch of charts and i think i understand them pretty well. I would like to make sure that i have this right though: first i got to flightaware.com and get a route. the first set of letters represent the sid, so i go to aeroplanner.com and print off the chart for that sid. I then program all the points on that sid chart into my fsx gps, and make sure they correspond to the waypoints listed on flightaware. i also do the sa
  2. i am a new vatsim user. until now i have been flying off-line fsx. I flew the basic direct gps flight where i just took off, hit the autopilot nav hold key and flew until atc lined me up for an ils approach. I have no clue how to file and fly a flight plan with sids and stars and waypoints and such or how to read charts. Does vatsim atc direct you to these waypoints or are you expected to follow them on your own? and does atc direct you to an ils approach or is a stars approach something completely different? Im sorry, i know i dont have a clue about any of this but i would like to have a plac
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