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  1. Hi romano Many thanks. I new about setting QNH on the altimeter knob but I was confused about the QFE. Cheers
  2. Can someone please tell me how to set up the QFE or QNH on a aircraft? I am using the Cessna 172 Thanks
  3. Hey Henry, Just to say thanks for the link. All the best
  4. Hi all, can someone tell me where to start to fly VFR in the UK. I mean a bit of regulation, cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] air spaces, etc.. or if someone can tell me where ti find the info I will be most appreaciated. I want to use FS as a training method for real situations as I am going to take my PPL next year. All the best Manuel
  5. Hi Guys New to VFR in the UK and of course I have a big pile of questions. Hope you don't mind First of all my friend Phillip did answered me with regards the quadrantal rule, however, Do we change alt every time we change heading based of the quadrantal rule? Any body knows where I can get or have UK charts for VFR? On cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C approach does the 20nm marging to call TWR, CTR or whowever is, with current position apply? and the same for cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D (5nm) and B (20nm) I will leave it here, but I am sure I'll be back for more answers. Thanks
  6. Hi every one. Can someone tell me if a call sign in UK must begin with G followed by 4 number, letters or both? All the best to all Manuel
  7. Hi guys many thanks for all your comments and apologises for taking so long to reply. I am currently member of the New York Flying Club and have 35 hours VFR experience in in New York. Ruth Hope to see you soon. Roger thanks for your coments see you soon. All the best, Manuel
  8. Hi Ruth, Many thanks for your kind message. Actally I have requested to joined that web site as I am from the UK. Thanks again Manuel
  9. Can anyone tell me what is the best server to trasmit online in the UK? Thanks
  10. Hi all, Would it be possible for someone to tell if the Hemispherical rule apply in the UK? I know that it apply in the USA. If apply in the UK are the same terms? Thanks alot Manuel
  11. Hi guys, Many thanks for your reply Phillip could you please tell me if the Hemispherical rule apply in the UK. I have read about it for the USA but not sure if apply here. Regards. Thanks Manuel
  12. Can someone tell me flight examples that will be not to hard to fly in the UK VFR? From airport A to airport B. I am absolutly new to the aviation world and although I can follow the basics I want to do it as real as possible. I have read the PRC about 5 times. Also where can I find VFR charts for the UK? All the best Thanks Manuel Sabater
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