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  1. thanks Gergely for your answer. so what is the Settings you think I shell set to be able and have auto correlate? S-Mode I see also correlates traffic as I experienced. what about the other Issue I mentioned? that planes (arrivals) even though on my radar at my Airspace are not showing up in the inbound list
  2. very good point, I pressed the F6 today on a departing traffic traffic and it is the same. the SQ error disappears as soon as he takes off, but not when on the ground even though SQ code is correct and in Mode C.
  3. OK, I tried what you guys suggested as you can see below. but yet it did not fix the issue. I couldn't find the - Correlation distance: 50 -OR- 0 (unlimited) setting. maybe you guys could help me where it might be. What I did noticed is that with the two Airplanes departed today during my Control session, even though their SQ code was correct and on Mode C, while on the ground it shows an error like depicted below. but as soon at they took off (not sure if before or after I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume the Airplane, but I am sure that no matter if the Airplane was [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume
  4. what should I be checking i the ESE file? what section, what am I looking for that could be related? the correlation distance you referring to, is it in the ESE file? how does the ESE could effect such? what about the other issue I mentioned that flight do not appear in the inbound list? What do you mean by that? what radar definition I should focus on?
  5. Hey guys, I got two issues I still couldn't find a solution to yet. 1. Departing traffic traffic (most but not all) even though have their SQ code set correctly and on Mode C still shows that SQ Error on the Slayout and the traffic/TAG is not correlated this Issue happens when I am on C-Mode or S-Mode , EasyVATSIM I saw it happening less 2. the Other issue is that some times Arrival traffic do not show up on my Inbound traffic list (also depicted in the screen shots) even though they are way in my Airspace distance here are Screen Shots of two different events at two different Dates
  6. Hi Guys, I got an issue that started yesterday. I was controlling in ES and pilot told me they hear me very softly like 1 of 5. I know it is only in ES as I was on TS at the same time (my vACC TS) and Skype a bit later and both in TS and Skype I sounded load and Crystal Clear. it seems that ES some how needs the Microphone boost with in the software itself.. how do I boost the Microphone level in ES itself?
  7. I understand your point, however don't forget that many of us (if not Most of VATSIM users) are based out-side of the United States, which doesn't have the "Star Trooper" voice ATIS. if possible, all it takes is a simple radio button in the User settings "SAPI5 / Windows Voice" or "built in voice", as it is now and call for the windows SAPI5 API/DLL if SAPI5 was picked. I am sure many of us would appreciate this new function. you can even leave the built-in Voice as the default. I am always in favor of enhancing a Product, in many cases the use case of a product that was originally aimed
  8. heeem. that's a shame. the voice synthesizer just sounds dreadful. I tired using it the other day for the 1st time and I got many complaints from Pilots at my airspace that ATIS sounds awful, How they described it: "they feel they are space troopers". I tend to agree with them. Currently the built in EuroScope ATIS voices sounds much better. Even the Windows OS Built in SAPI "Microsoft Anna" sounds much better. I wish you could add at least the Option for those who want to use the SAPI5 Voice pack (like a check box or something) there are so many free SAPI voice packs out there that we
  9. Hi there, how can I set vATIS to use a different TTS Voice Pack (Any SAPI5 TTS Voice Pack) I have Installed on my PC? e.g. IVONA SAPI5 voice pack
  10. I believe you (as the developers of the new VATSIM Client) will know better what is better to implement and how if at all. all I am asking is if you could look into it and investigate a bit more about the ACARS option in the client. I am sure you will get better coding information then I will as you understand better. here is an example of the "xacars.ini" config file for my VA Airline. [Server] Address = http://malaysiava.org/action.php/acars/xacars/acars PIREP = http://malaysiava.org/action.php/acars/xacars/pirep FlightInfo = http://malaysiava.org/action.php/acars/xacars/data
  11. there are many acars programs out there, however they all usually transmit at the same method. there is also a generic ACARS system , like xACARS which you could implement in the client code as many use them and it's pretty much suitable for any VA airliner. the programs knows what VA to contact and transmit based on pre defined XML config file that you load into the program. most VA Airlines have that XML config file available for download on their web site. so I believe using this method as xACARS is a safer bet for the most generic cover.
  12. Is it possible to integrate in the client ACARS system, e.g. xACARS? for all us VA pilots. that way all of us VA pilots won't need to load another Online client.
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