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  1. On a flight into KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor, I was flying in on the COYOT4 STAR. ABQ CTR comes on and after we exchange our hellos, he instructs me to continue following the STAR and cleared via the transition to the ILS 26. According to the STAR chart, it states, "After BRUSR expect RADAR vectors to final approach course." Now my question is, am I supposed to wait for instruction after p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing BRUSR to turn towards the transition for ILS 26 or was I supposed to make that move on my own having been cleared? What I ended up doing was not changing my heading (until I wa
  2. From I could find, the plane was still in Albany, Georgia at KABY as of 2009. http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/403361.html There are 28 Albany's in the US, you should change the subject line to include, "Albany, GA" or "Albany, Georgia" to get the right people's attention. Good luck!
  3. You might have corrupted or missing texture files. That, or you're running the engines a little too rich .
  4. I am wondering why the original post was deleted entirely. If it was for defamatory, infringing, obscene, vulgar, profane, unlawful or other such types of communications, couldn't the gist of the message still be made by "editing" out the offensive words? I understand the need to clean up the language but to remove the entire thought?
  5. I've heard from numerous sources, with the money you spend on Alienware, you can build yourself a much better PC.
  6. VATSIM via FSInn weather looks good, but is woefully inaccurate at higher altitudes. Easy fix. Once you're about 10,000, click the CAVOK button. This will disable FSInn's weather updates. Now use third party or just FS's default Real Time weather. And once you are below 10,000 feet on descent, click the weather icon on FSInn and you have VATSIM weather again.
  7. http://www.chproducts.com/retail/index.html They make controller and throttle quadrants. I am looking on getting the six slider throttle quadrant.
  8. Do you have SP1 and SP2 installed? Not having them can make some planes invisible.
  9. My "favorite" form of criticism to read is the kind where someone will study the cockpit of the pic and then nit-pick the various settings that are wrong. I recall one recently where one made the observation that fuel was being used out of the wrong tanks. Who really cares? Really? It is stupid comments like that make me not post shots from the cockpit.
  10. Too bad I have to work that night. Good luck with your event, I hope you have a good turnout!
  11. The Red Bull type is what I was imagining too. But racing from airport to airport would be doable as well. The only drawback, I think, would be who lands first, unless you have parallel runways. That is why I suggested p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing a Waypoint or Intersection and having a third party judge. Unless the type of race is a race against time. If pilot A took 2:43 to go from KLAX to KPHX, pilot B took 2:41, and pilot C took 2:36 but all the pilots would be flying at staggered times. Pilot A would take off at 12:30z, B 12:40z, and C 12:50z. And you could use VATSIM (vataware
  12. I've thought of something like this before. My line of thinking was more like the IROC (International Race of Champions - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Race_of_Champions) where everyone flies the same plane. And to make it fair, everyone has to have an identical aircraft.cfg file. Because, some people, like me, know how to tweak the aircraft.cfg just enough to get the upper hand. Another thing would be to have the race sanctioned by VATSIM or vatsim controllers. That way, if you are having a race to a specific Intersection, the controller would, in a sense, be the referee
  13. Here is my graphics glitch. I switched from windowed mode to full screen. It looks like a iceberg, of sorts, impaled my plane. Ironically, I was over the North Atlantic near where the Titanic sunk. http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s148/tvieno/fs%20stuff/iceberg.jpg
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