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  1. Hi all! I just found a few spare minutes to drop the bomb here šŸ™‚ The (currently unofficial) WorPress Vatsim Connect Plugin brought to you by the Dutch VACC. https://gitlab.com/jamiejanssen/wp-plugin-vatsim-connect-public We customized it heavily to our Dutch VACC's needs, so I had to clean quite a bit of the code to make things work for all VACCs. The code is small and clean. I guess quite readable as well. Feel free to comment/change and alter to your needs. Any questions? Just ask! I HIGHLY recommend you to try this on a test-site first! P.s. I'm not a professional progr
  2. No, but Iā€™m happy to share it with the community.
  3. Hi @Ashwant Gonesh seems we are in the same boat! I have exactly the same problem as you have, also with Tele2NL (60Mbps) everything superstable and extremely steady VDSL, but only vPilot dropping the Voice Connection. Maybe they filter the data or do some content filtering, I don't know. I don't have the time today to investigate any further, but will try with a VPN tomorrow. Just to rule out some things.
  4. I had the same issue, maybe a problem on the AFV end?
  5. Update on the WordPress Vatsim Connect plugin: - I removed all Dutch VACC code. - Gave Joseph Pentz a test-version, seems to work. - Basically ready to be released into the wild.
  6. Basically you can map anything into WordPress from what Vatsim gives you: The CID is used as unique WordPress username, then you have some 'metadata' which is firstname and lastname. Maybe you need some plugins to show Fullname/lastname instead of Username in Posts/Forum etc, but that's secondary. Return Array: Array ( [data] => Array ( [cid] => 859396 [personal] => Array ( [name_first] => Jamie [name_last] => Janssen [name_full] => Jamie Janssen [email] => [email protected] [country] => Array ( [id] => NL [name] => Netherlands ) ) [vatsim] => Ar
  7. Finally found some time to dive into this. Time was very precious lately. Would you be able to test it for me @Owen Kane? My plan is to share my plugin on Gitlabs, or maybe @Nestor Perez has a place to share it? As we made some early decisions during our migration from Joomla to WP, we where able to start with SSO from the beginning. If you already have some users in your WP database, things might get nasty. Edit: if someone else wants to join in, feel free to do so. I expect you to have some knowledge of PHP. My plugin is very basic on the Admin side. The config and setup takes place ins
  8. HI all, sorry my Vatsim + notification e-mails go straight to the Junk box for some reason. Haven't got to it yet. The code however is quite simpel and clean, only about a hundred lines of code. Not more. I'm not a Wordpress Plugin coder, but managed to build one. Probably not according standards, but ours works very well now. Bare with me please...
  9. Hi @Nick Harasym, i'm logging these errors and it miraculously stopped after the 12th of june this year. Maybe an (local) update resolved this issue? I update our server on a regularly basis. At everyone else: I have made a very extensive plugin, fully integrates into our Wordpress website and assigns various roles based on the user's Vatsim status. Not quite suitable to release into the wild, but I'm willing to clean up the code and provide it on Gitlab.
  10. I would like to, but for now I run into a small problem: we get an SSL error, 2 times a day on avarage, on the 'old' SSO as well. I keep a seperate logfile if it occurs. The error: cURL error 35: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to auth.vatsim.net:443 Maybe I need to contact you directly @Nestor Perez about this. It happens during Token exchange. A simple refresh (pounding F5) solves the issue, but this one is a bit strange. Again it occurs twice a day, very random. Sharing is caring: our plugin is very custom. I have incorporated a few Dutch VACC specific checks like 'i
  11. In the mean time I have build my own Plugin as Oauth2 plugins are not widely available for WordPress. Thanks!
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