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  1. Requesting and using an MOA is a VSOA activity only. If you're a member, go for it! If not, this would unfortunately be against the rules. However, that's not to say you couldn't fly through it. Maybe try filing VFR and using a training area near a regional airport if one is available?
  2. Charan, I'm not exactly sure how I did it, but it looks like the Airbuses are working just fine for me now. I don't get it! I want to give you an immense thank you for all your hard work and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance in getting me here! You are truly a testament to the VATSIM community! Take care!
  3. Thanks, Charan. Whereas before, with the other aircraft, they would load but my display would shrink to a very small square in the corner of my monitor, when I load the Wilco Airbus, the mouse cursor turns into a little circle (processing), hangs for about 30 seconds, and then FSX crashes, stating that it has encountered a fatal error. This appears to happen any time the plane needs to visually processed: when selecting the craft in Free Flight, when looking up the details on the aircraft select screen, or when switching to the aircraft in-game after loading the default Cessna. The plane won't
  4. Charan, it looked like Acceleration, combined with what you said before, was the missing link! I'm able to load all my aircraft (default and payware) but one: The Wilco Airbus Evolution Vol.1. I've been digging around the Internet and I haven't been able to see why everything loads but this. FSX is up to date, as is the Airbus being installed. I followed the Windows 7 instructions to the letter regarding administrative rights. DX10 preview has been tried checked and unchecked. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything right down to FSX itself to no avail. All other Wilcos I have work perfect
  5. I've tried both window and full-screen (I'm usually windowed). No effect. The blackness surrounding the square gets bigger while the square itself stays the same. I saw the widescreen variable in the cfg file that you posted. Set it to true. No effect Only the aircraft and scenery are reduced. The menu stays in its usual spot, but flickers. I manually selected the latest driver. Autodetect never wants to work for me After doing some reading, I read that some add-ons (like the Iris f-22 I was testing initially) require the Acceleration expansion pack for some reason. I figured
  6. I just noticed that I'm getting artifacts in certain areas, especially water. This leads me to think it might be a drivers issue, but my driver is the most recent. I'm going to try going back a few drivers and see if this makes any difference. EDIT: Just tried it with two different sets of older drivers and I still have the same problem.
  7. Unfortunately, none of the applicable tweaks worked and my copy is still doing it's shrink-to-the-side thing. Thanks for trying! I can't think of what the problem is. Any ideas?
  8. Charan, thank you kindly for your reply. My optimal res is 1920xsomethingx32, which is what it's set at, so that rules that out. That thread you posted is definitely worth a shot. I'm heading to bed now, but I'll try the tweaks described first thing tomorrow. If you happen to be around tomorrow, I'll post a report and let you know what came of it. Thank you for your response and help!
  9. Good evening all, Not sure where to put this, so feel free to move if I made the wrong choice. I recently got a high-end system for an FSX upgrade, but I'm having a big problem with payware. Whenever I load any payware aircraft, the viewable area shrinks to the upper left-hand corner of my screen with ghost images in the areas surrounding it. I can try and post a picture or video if that would be helpful. My FSX has SP2 and whatnot installed and it runs absolutely fine on any default aircraft. I'm operating on Windows 7 64 bit with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 and a 3.4Ghz i7-2600. Graph
  10. Yep, I think the human eye is unable to detect anything higher than 30fps. Of course, that doesn't stop us!
  11. I got something similar when I first loaded it up. Try running it in administrative mode. I think that's what fixed it up for me, although this was a while ago.
  12. Daniel was right. It looks like it was a vox server issue. I changed the server and I could connect just fine. Thank you very much for all your help, gentleman! Now, to control!
  13. Unfortunately, I have work early tomorrow, but I will give this a shot when I come home in the afternoon. I sincerely appreciate your help so far, Ernesto!
  14. I cleared all other frequencies in the comms panel to double check this, but it seems I still have the problem, even after saving and restarting VRC and the computer. That was an excellent suggestion, though, Ernesto. I thought we had it!
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