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  1. I am having problems with squawkbox, when I am flying sometimes an error box pops up say, C++ Debug error. normally i can press ignore and its ok. But sometimes i press ingnore and it pops straight back up again and when it does that flight sim freezes so i have to exit flight sim in the middle of my flight.
  2. OK thanks for that,I was thinking if i upgrade i will go for the 1 GB
  3. yep i know. thanks for the fast reply I am getting the inspiron 570 with windows 7 64 bit. If i am not happy with the graphics i can run i will get a new graphics card.
  4. I am buying a new computer and it has Nvidia ® GeForce G310 512MB graphics card and 6144MB Dual Channel DDR3 1066MHz [2x2048 + 2x1024] Memory,, i am hoping to run FSX very high quality and have a good FPS. can anyone tell me if this graphics and memory will cope with this request?
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