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  1. I know this is quite common for smaller airports. I know within ZMA, we keep one Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] E field near Miami loaded within the sector file simply because it is still requested once in a blue moon. I believe most ARTCCs recognize this occurs unless you are dealing with a situation where an old airport is sitting under a new one.
  2. Don, I'm still waiting on that damn raise...especially now that you have outsourced things.
  3. There is also an option that you can "fool" xSquakbox and have all airplane objectives look correct. Issue is, they all are the same livery/type. However, lights and other items are correct (and function properly on HDR). Just do a search of the forums...
  4. And worst case, after you start X-Plane and get to your airport, bring up the map...zoom in...and move the aircraft. May need to "reset" it after, but once you are not in the middle of a taxiway or runway, then connect to VATSIM and you should be all set.
  5. I'm sorry, but as someone who has used X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10 (now 64-bit) for years on VATSIM, honestly I must say I find this post very one sided. The vast majority of people who properly install the application find that XSquawkbox works fine, minus recent issues dealing with TCAS availability on 64-bit operating systems. Those who do have problems often have issues at the local level. Further, most who state the software is "not as refined" as clients available within Microsoft products often struggle with the direct connection that exists between the the X-Plane software and the client
  6. Not quite. Comm 2 can be used within X-Plane when using xSquawkbox.
  7. See this thread: http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=64159
  8. There is Project Swift moving forward supposedly, that will include a new X-Plane client (actually a cross-platform client). From the images posted in August, it looks exciting but I haven't seen any news about it in a few months. There is a thread for it on the boards and their website is http://swift-project.org/ Hopefully will fix the TCAS issue the last version of XSquawkbox developed...
  9. Ben, I wish I had. Like you, I never had this issue with 32-bit versions of X-Plane. The only solution is that I now run xHSI (http://forums.x-plane.org/?showforum=102) on a netbook next to me which does properly display the TCAS data. This only confirms for me that the data is properly being fed by the xSquawkBox plug-in but the 64-bit of X-Plane is for some reason no longer allowing it to function. Hopefully this error is corrected when the Swift Pilot Client is eventually released... For the aircraft model issues I did the solution noted above that limited it to one airframe, which
  10. Not a cop-out, learned to give people that direction well before my degrees. Yeah, I do reset it. Again though, the issue is that the entire thing is so sporadic. I can go a month without a problem, then have it solid for 5 days, then have it return two weeks later, vanish again for another month.
  11. Firewall enabled or disabled makes no impact. The router is the modem for my particular ISP. UDP timeout is currently at 10 minutes.
  12. Hello all, Wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I will connect to the network and begin controlling, then suddenly I cannot hear the pilots. This event occurs sporadically, per session. Server information shows pilots are transmitting on the frequency, but no indicator/audio appears within the VRC Client. I can also still transmit, the pilots can hear and the appropriate indicator illuminates. This occurs on a wide variety of voice servers and happens with no rime or reason. If I unprime from the frequency and reconnect, I will then be unable to even transmit (no indicator an
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