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  1. Thank you for your kind (of an) invitation. Last tuesday I´ve connected to VATSIM both in North Germany and Englang, trying to get some VFR action. While I could read and hear all the ATC, I got no reply. (Except a radio check request that was answered) Seemingly I´ll need someone willing to give me some hints. (BTW, last tuesday the weather was helluwa IMC. Do you guys use CAVOK in that case? A VFR event with a visibility of a quarter mile and heavy thunderstorms is somewhat... challanging.) Zsolt
  2. Friesenflieger? Hey, finally my HelgolandX meets VATSIM. Do those guys live up the clichée? Well, I´ll find out. Thanks again for the info! Zsolt
  3. Hello Ruth, thanks for your post. I´m concidering to join the Cix VFR Club. How ever, the next beginners night is scedu... scadula...scadual... planned for Tuesday 19th May 2009. I´ll keep an eye open on ServInfo for ATCs on the spots you mentioned. Andreas, wo finde ich die Infos? Danke! Zsolt
  4. An idiot flying through the Eiffeltower while accidently connected can be considered as "realistic disturbance training", with some fantasy. How ever, avoiding air spaces and clouds, staying 1500 above cities and under 5000msl, and dealing with transits is indeed as challanging as following vectors. You mentioned Europe to provide little VFR traffic. Is there a frequented small Airport you can suggest? Thanks.
  5. That way "supported" means "at least not forbidden", I guess.
  6. Using ServInfo I´ve found hundreds of international flights but only dozens of local flights. I did not find a single UL or Glider. And I did not find a single ATC on a small airfield. Might not be representing, but it gave me that impression.
  7. Hello, I personally go with FSX, but I upgraded my PC to a quadcore and a 9800T... that´s far beyond what you use. FS9 (aka FS 2004) is a good choice for you. About controlling the planes, you are right to invest in hardware. Keyboard is no option at all. (You wouldn´t controll counterstrike by aiming with the keyboard, either) You choice is whether to use a Joystick or a Joke. Stick: --Cheaper --Easier to learn --Takes less space on deck --Might be used with other games as well --some Airbusses, all fighters and all racers use it Yoke: --More precise --More forgiving
  8. Hello, I´d like to know if VATSIM Europe cares about VFR and small Aircrafts like UL, Trikes, Gliders and alike. I do not care about flying Jet´s at all, but would love to have company when I cruise around the Alps or the black forest. Oh, and with FSX I´d love to share cockpit. skyd1v3r
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