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  1. Allentown On Time Virtual USA Flying Club's 1 Year Anniversary Sunday, August 16th - 7:15pm-10:15pm EDT (2315z-0215z) Airport: KABE Virtual USA Flying Club is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary and is inviting all of VATSIM to join! Fly in with your favorite GA Aircraft during this 3 hour event and enjoy the fun. VFR or IFR, it's whatever you prefer! We will be working with NYARTCC to provide ATC coverage for the event. If you love general aviation consider joining the club! Virtual USA Flying Club Discord: https://www.discord.gg/hutMwWR
  2. Virtual USA Flying Club is a general aviation flying club on VATSIM. We utilize a discord server to organize group flights and other general aviation related events. Anyone interested in joining can do so using this discord invite link: http://www.discord.gg/hutMwWR Please read the Welcome page so we can get you setup properly on the server. There is no time requirements to be a part of this club and you may come and go as you please. - Mike Cinnante
  3. Online Group Flights is inviting VATSIM to join us on our 1 year anniversary flight! The flight will take place Jan 15th. Flight: Detroit Metro (KDTW) to Minneapolis (KMSP) Load up: 6:30pm EST (2330z) Departure: 7:00pm EST (0000z) Flight Time: 1hr.30min Aircraft: Your Choice Route: DIRKS J38 GRB EAU8 Thank you, and we hope you will join us!
  4. Online Group Flights is looking to provide traffic to VATUSA! Our group events, which are mostly focused in the US area, are meant not only for our members to fly together and have a good time, but also provide traffic for the wonderful ARTCCs across VATUSA. We are always welcome to new members from the USA, and also welcome any event invitations from ARTCCs. Our website is http://www.onlinegroupflights.com You can also email me at [email protected] with any questions or events you'd like us to share with our group. Thank you. -Mike Cinnante 1138786
  5. Online Group Flights is inviting any and all interested VATSIM pilots to join us on our VFR Event June 26th... 06/26/11 VFR Sundays KAPF - KEYW 1700z-1900z It's time to line up, and fly our general aviation aircraft together! Let's create a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive convoy from Naples to Key West, and let our beautiful little birds enjoy the sunshine Florida has to offer. The view of the beaches from above will be magnificent! Flight: Naples (KAPF) to Key West (KEYW) Load up: 12:30pm eastern (1630z) Departure: 1:00pm eastern (1700z) Estimated Time En Route: 1hr. A
  6. This event is being postponed and rescheduled... for anyone with questions please email me at [email protected] Sorry for inconvenience.
  7. Looking forward to another great flight this Saturday
  8. VATSIM Group Flight!!! 1/26/2011 Wednesday Night 6:30pm (EST)(2330z) Meet 7:00pm (EST)(0000z) Pushback Group Flight: Minneapolis to Denver KMSP to KDEN Time: 6:30pm (EST) Meet/Load up 7:00pm (EST) Pushback 9:00pm (EST) End 1hr. 30min. Flight Time Aircraft: Your choice! It's all good! Delta, Southwest, Frontier, United, Air Canada, and Brickyard fly the route. My name is Mike Cinnante. I will be loading up as UAL387 (A319). Route: SCHEP4 ONL J114 YANKI LANDR5 This flight is open for anyone, so feel free to invite any friends. Anyone with suggestions may
  9. It will be around midnight in the UK...not precise on the exact time for ya
  10. *Date and time have been confirmed!* 1/10/2011 Monday Night Start time 7pm EST (0000z) KMCO to KDTW Group Flight: Orlando Int. Airport to Detroit Metro Airport KMCO to KDTW Time: 7pm-10pm (Eastern) (0000z - 0300z) Aircraft: Your choice! Delta, Air Tran, and Spirit fly the route in real world. Route: JAG3 IRQ J53 SPA HNN WEEDA1 This flight is open for anyone, so feel free to invite any friends. Anyone with suggestions may also post them. My name is Mike Cinnante and I will likely be flying a Spirit Airlines A319 (NKS118) for the flight. The more people who wanna
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