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  1. Because I prefer not to load a complete VCA dll just to use the countdown. BTW, I have 3 different Euroscope installation on 3 different computers, so I don't want to take time to disable ALL other functionality
  2. Any chance for a 3.2 update ? I personally don't want to use VCA
  3. Hello everyone, A group of some pilots in VATFrance were using the IBNET system for patrol flights (pics here : http://forum.vatfrance.org/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=18953), VATFrance was hosting the IBNET on its own windows server. Due to the VATFrance server hosting changement (new provider), we have now a Linux based server. The Linux version of IBNET server is not available on the ibirdsoft website (link broken). Does anybody can provide us this linux version ? We are looking for : - LINUX_daemon_IBNet_V1.00.zip and/or - LINUX_daemon_IBNet_V1.1.zip They are actually us
  4. Did you check that you have correctly set your center of visibility ? .vis EDDT You can replace EDDT by any point or aircraft you want to.
  5. Hi there ! It seems that the Euroscope website is down, http://www.euroscope.hu Any news ? I wanted to read the wiki I will wait a bit ;D
  6. Thanks for your answer Michal. Actually, this not automatic for me. Just after my connection, I change the Letter, correlated with the current letter but nothing happens when the info changes in the ATIS.
  7. Hi, I want to understand how the curent ATIS letter works when another controler is sending the ATIS. When I'm controling on GND, and the TWR is sending ATIS, I wanna be sure that the info given by the pilot is the good one. How can I link my ATIS info with the other controler ? Thanks a lot Matthieu V³
  8. Thanks Gergely, Now the list is complete ? Matthieu
  9. Hello everybody, I was working on my aliases file and I was searching for a function like $dep, or $arr, but for SIDs & STARs. I tryied to use $sid : OMG !!! I works... Is there any other functions like this that are not listed in the Built-in function list (on euroscope wiki). I'm looking for the handoff controler ID... Could we have a complete list of those functions ? Thanks a lot Matthieu
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