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  1. Thanks anyway, another hurdle now is that swift just dies when i select real world weather... It really does not like me!
  2. I even tried the "attach/detach simulator window" option but no difference...
  3. Unfortunately not, when you enter full screen it sends all other windows to the back even if I have enabled stay on top. Maybe this could be a future update to have a module version to use within FS. It is just an eyesore to have the taskbar across the top of the screen now.
  4. Swift was relatively straight forward to start up etc but I must say it is disappointing that it cannot be attached to the FS when in full screen. I don't always use voice, and especially as I use my pc in a communal room, I like to comm with text so to have to now jump in and out of the FS to see the text box is a bit awkward.
  5. I keep scrolling but not found any answers. I am giving swift a go with FS9 before squawkbox becomes fully redundant. So I have it fully working but I am wondering if there is a way to use it inside FS9 as SB did? Or do I have to leave FS9 every time I want to comm via text with ATC? I see there is option to keep the window on top however, the window disappears when you enter full scree. As you can imagine nobody wants to be on FS with taskbars open. Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks
  6. Evening all, I am just wondering if anyone has ever had the issue in which when trying to start squawk box for fs9 on windows 10 that if you try to open it inside fs9 that it sticks on the "fetching server info: loading network info for vatsim" and then even trying to open it outside of fs9 that it just looks like it is starting but then just closes itself... I know it is old and slowly phasing out but it is easy to use so I do want to continue to use it... I have given swift a go and just find it over complicated... Is it a windows 10 issue and if so how did anyone overcome it??? Thanks
  7. Chris, Firstly please watch your language. I have removed the offending part. Please remember we have people from all ages and walks of life here. Secondly, the error message should have been a great hint. The server you were trying has been retired. Why not choose another one? !SERVERS: CANADA:, Canada:CANADA:1: GERMANY:, Germany:GERMANY:1: AUSTRALIA: SINGAPORE: UK:, UK:UK:1: USA-EAST: York, USA:USA-EAST:1: USA-WEST:16
  8. I am getting this issue too but for all servers and sometimes connection timed out... How do I connect to the new IP? I am using FS9. Greatly appreciated.
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