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  1. Ok so I have decided that Im going to get Motherboard: Asus intel 2011p9x79 (havn`t decided wether its going to be pro, deluxe or the normal one) CPU: intel i7 2600k 3.0GHz Memory: DDR3 8GB RAM (dunno which brand yet) And use the remaining parts I have Before I buy these any advice you guys have?
  2. Hi Wycliffe, first off cheers for the ATC today I think the import taxes here make it just about the same price as the one I saw at the shop yesterday
  3. thanks mate, this is actually a reasonable upgrade for me
  4. Im not to worried about the case but the power, first thing I don`t know much about it and how to do it. But if thats all then thats a pretty good deal, mobo+cpu+ram Think Im actually gonna do that
  5. I went to the shops today (Im sure people are familiar with the famous Japanese shop, bic camera) and looked at motherboards and CPUs. So I really am keen to try and reuse most parts I currently have. The CPU (intel i7, 5, 3) costs approximately ¥30,000, motherboard (asus intel socket 2011) was the same which adds up to ¥60,000 and plus DDR3s which for 8gb is ¥10,000 which takes us up to 70,000. Now for flight school that would be equivalent to 7 hours worth of flying. Is there any other parts I should look for?
  6. Or what if I can get a new motherboard that can have the i3, i5, i7 and use the other parts I already have?...
  7. Thanks for the info, sadly Im really limited in the next 10 years or more, flight training has just begun so Im sure I wont be able to ask my dad for a new PC. But just incase I can save up for one any advice on what I can get?
  8. Hello, I live in Tokyo so I would like to know of some flight sim shops that they have here that I can pop into. Online shopping is sometimes a bit frustrating. Also do they sell any good things?
  9. damn, damn, damn what else can I do other than buy a new pc? Would a new video card help? If so what kind can I use and is there a limit?
  10. according to cpu-z my motherboard is Acer G33T-AM can that handle an intel i5 or i7? I think I will get a new CPU
  11. My motherboard is an Acer G33T-AM can that handle and intel i7 or i5?
  12. So when I use the PMDG NGX or 747 (which is the only add ons I own) there is no need to load up a cessna
  13. got cpu-z and now reconsidering some upgrades, I will give you guys the info tomorrow
  14. I forgot the dot net 4 but are you running fsx? Im not sure how the cessna thing works...
  15. Im back with the idea of upgrading some hardware, just downloaded cpu-z and will give you guys the detailed info tomorrow and would appreciate some upgrading advice
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