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  1. Well I used to love Heathrow as you well know, but I don't control at all now, which is a shame considering the amount of effort I and the excellent people who mentored me put in. It's only partly due to the poor quality of pilots - a good session was excellent but regrettably they were less than one in ten caused by the frustration you've just had Gareth. And having flown in tonight listening to your patience "of jove", yet again lots of pilots without the basics and yet more reinforcement of why I'm glad to have kicked the habit.
  2. I think if it's technically feasible we should move all the UK stuff here and close that forum down. It seems crazy to me to have two fora - real pain to check both and we can already see people duplicating posts across the two. So I think we need only one. And if Vatsim dictates it's going to be this one, then the UK one needs to be closed.
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