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  1. Alright, thanks for the info! Any recommendations on English charts?
  2. I was interested in doing a VA flight to SKBO, and I looked up VATSIM Colombia to see if charts were available. The domain is expired. Is this VATSIM ACC still in existence?
  3. Terminate your license? What, send you an unenforceable email asking you stop using software you bought. The reason I mentioned Carenado is because their products are ONLY useful for entertainment, they have no systems simulation, incomplete avionics, and don't have great flight models.
  4. Dhruv, Do you think a Carenado product for P3D could be used for flight training, bearing in mind that LM endorses Carenado on the P3D site? LM/P3D are OK with that part of the EULA being ignored(it isn't enforceable anyway)
  5. It's tough to trust PMDG about this, though, given that they stood by AVSIM's m[Mod - Happy Thoughts] banning of anyone who said "P3D EULA"
  6. PMDG's P3D statement struck me as nonsense, given that LM/P3D is happy to promote Carenado's products on their site.
  7. The really unique issue that we have to figure out for CTAF/UNICOM on VATSIM is maintaining separation in IMC, and for that, I think miles, time and STAR position are all useful. Since at a busy airport, generally two STARs don't intersect, position on a STAR can be useful
  8. When ATC is offline, tune your radio to 122.8 , which is the pilot-pilot advisory frequency. You can then text normally on that frequency. No ATC is on this frequency, and it is to be used to comunicate and co-ordinate your intentions with other traffic in the area. Everyone has a slightly different way of using it, but the way I use it, and recommend is: Before taxiing, transmit "[airport] traffic, [acft type], taxiing to [runway] via [taxiway]" using the ICAO codes. For example, if you're flying a 737-800 at Minneapolis, taxiing to runway 30R from the terminal, you might transmit "KMSP t
  9. To the LEFT of export, there is a box labelled 'Flight Plan (OFP)". Click 'send' and choose VATSIM.
  10. Use the send to vatsim function to file it, then use the vPilot's fetch from server.
  11. I'm not sure why it's not letting you take C to X and G to C, as that is what I did when I cloned my drive. Here's a suggestion, since it's bringing up the page file: Create a new partition, name it whatever, and put the paging file on it, then try C to X and G to C.
  12. Figured I'd post this here in case anyone else finds them self befuddled by stutters. If you're running curse client with FSX, it will randomly use the CPU causing stutters.
  13. I did successfully migrate an entire system from a 50Gb drive to a 1TB drive, but this was on Win 7. What I did was image the old drive onto the new one into a 50gb partition, then use the windows partition manager to expand that partition to fill the drive
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