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  1. Anything I as a layman can do to fix that?
  2. I've been having a weird recurring issue lately with VRC. My color profile on the various fixes and the ARTCC boundaries changes on its own, usually to bright colors. The colors change when I receive a text transmission or when I interact with an airplane through the FN keys. Any ideas? I'm running VRC on Parallels with my Macbook Pro but haven't seen this issue before. (See pic for weird sky blue coloring) Chris Carnett C1 - ZME
  3. Obviously I tried that... But thanks for taking the time to write a sarcastic response.
  4. Where can I find the current version of vATIS? I uninstalled in an attempt to fix the broadcasting static issue and now I can't locate the installer again. The link on the website directs you to vFDIO... Chris Carnett
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