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  1. Heya old friend - you taught me how to understand Vatsim, how to build a region, divisions and vACCs. Now you teach me how to retire - I understand how, but I can't promise I fully understand the When It's always been a pleasure having you for a good advice, for help and just for fun. Seems like I'm the last of the dinosaurs in the EC, but I must admit the EC is great as ever now, and your successor seem to have just the large feet one needs to fill these shoes everyone's talking about. I just hope you taught him the most important skill VATEUR1 need as far as I'm concerned: sending p
  2. If you don't receive this NOTAM by email within the next 24 hours, then it is one of two: Either you are not registered as a member of VATAME, or your Email is not updated in Vatsim registry. While the first is ok, the second is not, so please use member services to update your current email! _________________ Hello members of Africa/Middle East region! Our region in Vatsim is unique: It is the only region to host so many different countries, cultures and religions. For years we are setting example in Vatsim and to the world outside in general, of how we can all live and act tog
  3. Cool idea! facebook can be very useful for PR. Ilan
  4. Don't panic We are going through a server upgrade. Website and all services (emails included) will be back within a few hours. Ilan
  5. Hello Aharon, The VATIL forums use Hebrew mainly, but accept English as well. You may post in English and you will be answered in English as well, no problem with that! Cheers, Ilan
  6. Hello all, vatil.org domain is no longer available, VATIL's site is now accessible at www.vatil.org.il . Thanks for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Took the liberty of editing the link to work Congrats VATJO - may all other FIRs follow this way! Ilan
  8. So does Egypt, but it belongs to VATNAF for now Israel is a separate division in VATAME - known as VATIL (You know that, you are a staff member there ). VATAME has these divisions in total: VATSAF (South Africa), VATNAF (North Africa, including Egypt and Morocco/Algiers), VATCAF (Central Africa including Congo, Kenya etc.), VATME (Middle East - once known as VATGULF) and VATIL.
  9. Yes, read it again Tony - Richard said the opposite of what you're thinking. Also, have in mind that developing N. Africa will affect C. Africa as well - we are all in the same boat, and as I said - no priorities, just trying to achieve the best. And to make thing Uber-clear: The work you guys put in CAF, NAF, ME, SAF and IL (all with the respective vACCs within) is highly appreciated and not taken for granted for a single moment! Cheers, Ilan
  10. There is no contradiction whatsoever Ahmed - While we would like to see North Africa grow, we would also like to see Central Africa grow. The is no higher priority in neither of the divisions. The real answer is to develop NAF AND CAF altogether - this will make VATAME covered ATC-wise and will draw more pilots to the area.
  11. Excellent Ahmed! I am especially happy about the scenery project: it is of very high importance to add more sceneries to our region. Cheers, Ilan
  12. Guys, the regional website is not a substitute for the Divisional or vACC websites. The info in the regional website is of general purpose and should not actually contain too much unfo about active areas (except a link to the respected vACC/division website). Having said that, we should update the links to the new websites we have now Keep on the great work friends! Ilan
  13. Yes, I am sending the updates. I believe it is also available in vRoute and Serveinfo BTW.
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