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  1. Right, I've got it now. Turning on "Display PDF in browser" allows ECR to show the chart within the ECR window. I'll throw the feedback out there and I may be the only one. It's not as nice to use as LEROY although it is more visually pleasing. The chart size limitation is too small. It would be nice to have the option to open the chart directly into adobe reader or acrobat. I understand that the website allows me to download each chart individually and open them as I desire. The reason I say that it's handy to have that functionality is that we generally work more airports simultaneou
  2. Yeah, probably. I really disliked the pdf's opening in browser windows and have them open directly into separate Adobe windows. It allows me to have as many windows open at once as I want. It helps when I'm flying as I can have an Airport Diagram open with a SID I've been cleared for and even a STAR open all at once in separate windows and close them when I'm done. I loved that with LEROY. Select a chart, it opens in Adobe and stays there while I search a different airport. I'll try to figure out how I did that in adobe and turn it off. I'll [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume I'll only be able to v
  3. I'm getting somewhere. I right clicked inside the blank area of ECR and selected "refresh". Now, i can see what charts are available. When I select a chart it's an empty box.
  4. My IE version is 11.01 something. IATA codes still work on Aircharts.org and worked in LEROY so I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed they worked with ECR. However, ECR isn't reporting any charts either way and doesn't give me an error when I put one in. It returns a blank page that looks exactly like the opening page. I'm using Windows 10 with the new creators update already automatically installed. Are you interested and able to help me get it working? All I have done is uninstall LEROY. Unpack the ECR.zip. Run the exe file.
  5. I have't used IE in years. However, you are correct in that using SNA doesn't provide results but KSNA does in Explorer. I get the same result (empty screen) either way using the .exe file. EDIT: I clicked on the AD in Explorer and the chart still doesn't open for me. Blank page with a button that says, "Close PDF".
  6. Are there temporary files with my old LEROY install affecting something, maybe?
  7. I tried both and get the same result. Just a blank page. 2 days ago it at least showed what charts were available but the chart wouldn't open.
  8. I don't get returns from any code. It says it processing and then nothing.
  9. I wonder what's going on then? It has changed a bit from my last attempt. Unfortunately, every airport I try doesn't return results.
  10. I'm seeing that small box too, when I expand it's empty. Only white.
  11. Just downloaded the ECR. The charts don't load. Also, if you're willing to listen and take feedback, I think the buttons may be too big. I like the idea that once you input the airport code all the charts are right there. With the buttons at the present size, some airports (KDEN for example) you have scroll quite a bit to get to an approach procedure.
  12. Thanks for all the work! The product, especially LEROY, is really appreciated.
  13. LEROY is still broken. Are there plans to fix it? Aircharts is working fine still.
  14. Looks like the awesome LEROY tool is broken. I can't pull up any airports' charts. Aircharts.org seems to be working, however.
  15. With the new cycle, it appears every link is broken. I know you said that it's hard to fix with your connection and I appreciate the situation. I thought I would put an update here in case you weren't aware. It's amazing how handcuffed you feel when great tools like this aren't available at your disposal. Thanks again for the product!
  16. Yep. All page 2's/3's are broken. I've been using CTRL+F and searching for the procedure within that list. Has worked well so far.
  17. Bringing back an old post but Aircharts isn't pulling the current FAA cycle. Is the product done being supported? I hope not, it's a great service.
  18. Right. As a lone instructor, I understand that I have to click every aircraft and select "Get Simulation" in order to manipulate the aircraft. Like I said, it's not too big of a deal, just another step when conducting the session.
  19. Yes, I have spent a good time with the wiki and I must say the I like the changes, minus the "Get Simulation". I'm not sure I get the point unless many different people are participating in a training session. Not a big deal, just adds another step when working a training session alone.
  20. Well... I'm seeing this: which contradicts this: The hyperthreads in the link you provided don't allow me to follow them. I guess I'll have to dig into the wikipages more.
  21. I hate to be this guy... I am very anxious to get my hands on 3.2 due to the very reason this topic was started. Version 3.1 is almost 4 years old. How long do we have to wait before we get to train a bit easier with v3.2?
  22. It couldn't have really been said to you as I am basically reinforcing your post from above. It should be easy for any pilot to tell you where they are, no matter the navigation equipment. Whether a "contact me" is received or not, know where you are and tell the controller where you are on the initial contact from uncontrolled airspace. The pilot should really be pretending they didn't receive the "contact me" in my opinion. Here's a big bonus to knowing your position. Likely, if you know where you are, you'll have a pretty darn good idea as to when to contact a controller and won't re
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