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  1. Or... we just keep influencing the idea that it isn't so hard to tell a controller where you are in relation to a navaid? It shouldn't be that hard, even for the magenta line followers. Find a waypoint on your route that is 3 letters, and tell me how far away from it you are.

  2. I just found a way to make it so. If I first save the scenario as a Euroscope file, I can go into the .txt file and amend the PERFAC section to the equipment suffix I want. This way, it keeps the performance information of the originally selected craft. Then, when I open the scenario in ASE, the aircraft with the equipment suffix is magically there and can be saved as an .air file. It works for me.

  3. I used the wrong term ... it's the "digest" flight plan. It's a checkbox on the first tab of the settings window.

    It has been mentioned in our ARTCC forums that this doesn't work using the "Auto-Track" feature. Is there a work around for this?

  4. I would just use the option that shows the abbreviated flight plan when you initiate control on a track.

    After searching both the vSTARS Controller Guide and the Command Reference for "Abbreviated" and "Flight Plan", I can only see an option for creating an abbreviated flight plan. Where is the information for setting up the option you recommend?

  5. You must import the alias file into the facility profile. This is well explained in the docs.

    Well, I just read the manual for the fourth time and maybe I'm blind. Even searched for the word "Alias". If it is a part of the facility profile, I'll [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that it is something that our FE is concerned with and not something that is managed or manageable by me alone. Since I'm not the FE, I didn't bother reading the FE guide. Is that where you say it is "well explained"?


    EDITED: removed some nonsense.

  6. I looked through the manual again and couldn't find any info regarding dealing with text pilots and using alias commands to control.


    For example, I have my VRC alias file that I can edit and add any alias I want. .land 17R spells out, "(A/C), wind X, runway 17R, cleared to land." Obviously, I have a slew of them available.


    When dealing with text pilots, is there an alias file (or equivelant) I can edit? Is there alias commands at all for basic instructions?

  7. I guess .wallop would help.

    I don't .wallop non-responsive pilots anymore because the supervisors that have always responded to calls for such incidents have asked for a screen capture indicating the times of my attempts to contact. I have no disrespect for the SUPs that asked for them but the process is flawed for controllers in these situations. If I have a conflict now with a non-responsive pilot, action needs to be taken now, not 30 minutes from now.


    If you aren't going to be at your screen for a long haul, either log off or don't start it. That is my $.02. Let the flaming commence...

  8. I would like to let it be known that this group flight is not sponsored by the Denver ARTCC. The Denver ARTCC is hosting the FNO at Denver International Airport (KDEN) as the banner clearly states.




    There is nothing preventing you from flying into KASE, but know that our focus will be on KDEN because that is what we are advertising.

  9. I thought it was pretty common that the first friday of every month was left open for either a VATUSA wide event or an international deal. After going back and looking at the calendar for the first half of this year, it looks like VATUSA5 reserved only every other month's first monday for these events.


    Looking ahead to the second half of the year, that is the way he has it set up so be prepared for that. Every month's first friday will not feature an ARTCC for an FNO. Intead, we'll get to broaden our horizons with international events or a VATUSA wide event.

  10. SkiColorado-1.png

    Introducing the Ski Colorado Series. Starting with our FNO on December 17th, ZDV will be inviting pilots to explore some of the spectacular mountain airports we have to offer. Every other week we will feature at least one mountain field. For the FNO, we will be featuring:

    KDEN - Denver International Airport

    KASE - Aspen-Pitkin County Airport

    KEGE - Eagle County Airport

    KSBS - Steamboat Spring Airport

    KTEX - Telluride Regional Airport

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