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  1. Hi William, The website listed on VATUSA last I checked is incorrect for ZDV. The appropriate website (for now anyway) is zdvartcc.org.
  2. I've searched previous posts and couldn't find any answers that fixed my issue. I'm creating a new airport and aircraft file for my ARTCC so we can cover initial training requests at the same time at different fields. The airport file is coming along fine and I'm stuck on the "generate aircraft file" within TWRTrainer. It says it is copying the information to the clipboard but I can't get it to paste into my docomeent. I'm using Win 7 x64 and I thought maybe it was due to the install being in the Program Files directory so I uninstalled it and moved it elseshere. That didn't work so I'm kind o
  3. Any news on this issue? I too am having the same problems running a GTX275 with updated drivers.
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