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  1. It makes sense that the zone is set a few miles off the threshold. I simply meant coordinates not the actual CRDA. I don't have much knowledge on STARS just ERAM, simply trying to put together an updated file for the facility. I'll amend those zones based on you guidance. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Yeah, that will do it. Not sure why I didn't pick up on that. Just grabbed the point myself in decimal degrees and it worked perfectly. Apologies for the trouble and thanks again for the help!
  3. Thanks for the help. I've linked the file where I changed back to what I think should be the correct target point coordinates for runway 10 and set the near side distance to 0. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yga5kgly1db67ju/vSTARS%20Facility%20-%20San%20Juan%20Approach%20%28SJU%29.gz?dl=0
  4. Thanks for taking a look at the file. You are indeed correct that I wasn't setting the near side distance to 0. I went ahead and made that change. Unfortunately, when I put in the coordinates for the threshold it still placed the qualification zone to the southwest. I'm not sure what I'm doing incorrectly. I've had the same issue with volumes, I believe everything with the volumes is set up correctly but when i've run tests the MSAWs are never detected and no alert goes off. I'm I correct that the proper format for a polygon would be something along the lines of: 18.50748,-66.68424 18.56
  5. Facility File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsg1dniioq8l7di/vSTARS%20Facility%20-%20San%20Juan%20Approach%20%28SJU%29.gz?dl=0
  6. Apologies for the delayed reply. Hopefully the below details shed some light on the issue. I feel like I must have just made a mistake somewhere but i'm definitely confused as to where it is. This first picture shows the qualification zone for runway 10 at TJSJ aligned correctly. The coordinates in the CDRA can also be seen. However, in the following picture you will notice these coordinates I used to get the qualification zone to work do not reflect what vSTARS or Google Show. https://prnt.sc/jgsimx Based on what I entered into CDRA to get things aligned this is where the actual targ
  7. I've had an issue with coordinates. It was first noticed when setting up the CRDA. I took the rw data for the necessary points but when I displayed the qualification zones they were way off. I was able to visually amend the coordinates until things were lined up correctly. Now I'm working on the volumes and when I tested things out the same issue appears to persist. Any ideas on why the coordinates are working?
  8. You can specify any defined/undefined location with the LA function. Just select both points and you'll get the distance between. It's not the most efficient way but it's the only way available.
  9. The only way that's simulated with vERAM would be utilizing the LA function. The command reference doc covers its use.
  10. The lines indicate future position based on speed in minutes. (1,2,4,8)
  11. Yeah, sorry that people who devote countless hours to learning and studying for tests have some different views on the network's direction. Didn't know that wasn't allowed. Maybe the reason it keeps coming up is that there is an actual issue and management hasn't properly addressed the cause? If it's been coming up since 2001, then there is a problem. 100% agree that an issue exists and needs to be addressed but if you look back at past discussions the admins have made it clear they have no interest in making a change. The current system of voluntary programs is the best we will every
  12. Hello, I have an interesting deal going on here with vPilot. I just built a new pc and had to install everything. FSX works better than I could have hoped on the new setup and I got around to setting up vPilot recently. Unfortunately I have had some issues communicating with ATC. It seems that ATC cannot hear me unless I specifically have vPilot selected and brought to the front of the taskbar. I can have FSX selected and hear ATC fine but it seems that I cannot transmit without specifically selecting vPilot ahead of FSX. Let me know if any other info would be helpful and your ideas.
  13. Thanks for the reply, I apologize for the late response. Now that you point out the timeout issue that makes quite a bit of sense. Unfortunately I don't have access to the router etc (University) so looks like I will just have to do my best to work around the issue. Thanks again for the help! Regards,
  14. Hello, I've been experiencing and interesting issue since I started using vPilot. I seem to periodically lose the ability to hear ATC (and other pilots on freq) which will result in them sending a text message which I receive immediately. If I press the PTT key (right ctrl) the issue seems to fix itself for the moment. However, throughout a flight I will continue to lose audio. I'm not sure what information is helpful for troubleshooting this issue so please let me know if something additional is needed. Thanks,
  15. I've always had the same issue as well Roger. I found that it would take multiple attempts until something went just right and I could open the cargo doors. These days the addons I fly luckily have the doors controlled via the CDU. I did some searching and this may help you: (requires FSIUPIC registered). I have not tried this but in the forum there was positive feedback.
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