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  1. Real weather in Swift works with both FSX and Fs9.
  2. I had no ATC at all through Gander. I used NATtrack for the first time but used too soon when I did not have an ETA , so I think that's why I didn't get clearance , ( my fault I know). Was unable to resubmit my request when I had an ETA. Received clearance when nearly existing Gander Apart from this I enjoyed the event.
  3. A parking slot would be a great idea, someone parked on top of me.
  4. No I didn't completely remove the PTT key , I just tried to reset it , and test it. Thanks ( I didn't read the help page ).
  5. Updated to version 9.4.337. Tried to reset the PTT but could not get it to work. Hope this helps.
  6. The new update stopped the PTT button working fs2004 . reinstalled old version and it worked again. Just for your information.
  7. SINCE SWIFT UPDATED I CAN NOW USE REAL WORLD WEATHER with FS2004 in Vatsim. Well done swift team.
  8. Real time weather not working with fs2004. CTD when activated. Real world weather has not worked in fs2004 for a few years . Apart from this swift seems to be working well.
  9. Downloaded version 9.3 of swift running fs9 on windows. I'm now unable test loopback. Seen same problem with other operating systems on the forum but not windows. Any ideas please.
  10. See web page https://dev.swift-project.org/w/whatsnew/093/?__print__=1
  11. See web pagehttps://dev.swift-project.org/w/whatsnew/093/?__print__=1 . I have the same problem.
  12. Sorry I've just noticed FS9 does not pause, but the sound mutes when a swift window opens , making me think it had paused. Thank you for your advice. If you know of a setting to un mute FS9 whilst swift is open I would be greatful.
  13. When connected to Vatsim and open a swift window FS9 pauses. I have to close all swift windows to unpause FS9. Can anyone give advice how to fix the problem. Thank you.
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