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  1. Congrats Ron, truly amazing! Average of appx 5 hours a day for 14+ years, that's what I call dedication!
  2. Good morning gents, I can confirm that switching off the RXP gauge, then turning power on the default COM1 stack, then switching back to RXP worked well. Thanks guys,
  3. Thanks guys, I'll do some testing when I'm back in the cockpit. Ross, yes please, I'll be happy to try out a test version if I'm not able to find the reason, thanks mate. I'll keep you posted here.
  4. I found a thread over at A2A: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=40947 Seems to be a glitch in the P28A radio stack, and the gauge, when turning off and on the GNS gauge it works, I'll try it out.
  5. Ah, thanks, didn't think about that. I have used the RXP with SB but not vPilot before, is this a shortcoming in the RXP which I didn't notice because SB uses WideFS/FSUIPC and not SimConnect? Cheers Ross
  6. Gents, I'm pretty sure I've overlooked something, as in my P28A I can only transmit on vPilot if I select COM2 radio as the active. COM1, controlled by the GNS530, does not work no matter what I select or de-select on the radio panel. vPilot says something in red about no frequency is tuned. COM2 works a charm. I'm running vPilot networked on a laptop and I have no issues wlth all the PMDG aircraft or CS L-1011. Any tips would be greatly appreciated Cheers,
  7. Scott, I'm using VMRgenerator, it will generate a rules set based on what models you have installed. Works a treat for me with UT2 and WoAI models. Check here: http://www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html Cheers,
  8. Sorry Ittai, I clearly misunderstud your question Cheers,
  9. If you use FSX I'd recommend the client vPilot to connect to Vatsim. Look here: http://vpilot.metacraft.com Cheers,
  10. If I understand your questions correctly: Yes, you can use voice with vPilot in both situations; with vPilot on the FSX PC and also if you run vPilot on a networked PC. Cheers,
  11. We have the same issues at BAV Kieran, the server side plugins are high maintenance, but I'm happy that we are able to keep it. The mobile themes are usually a pain on mobiles for picture handling and more advanced use, where I find TT very good. But it's on the edge
  12. Same here, works for a few days, then I have to log in on the web to get in via TT
  13. It's a very fun excercise to program for example the NGX FMC for these types of approaches using custom WPs. Check out this FAQ for PMDG aircraft: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a59/fmc-custom-waypoint-entry-notes Cheers,
  14. Happy 4th everyone, we took the trip from Norway, now partying in Monterey, CA
  15. There has been a couple of instances of downtime lately, nothing to worry about. The servers are in need of a few updates/upgrades. Plans are in place and will be executed shortly.
  16. Hello Ross / guys, I'm running the latest version networked. Is it necessary or recommended to run TrafficProxy and vPilot as admin? I had some issues earlier with the FSUICP KeySend and WideFS / PTT stuff if I didn't run everything as admin. Now, with the internal PTT, all that is obviously unnecessary, so I reverted to my old ways. But what about TrafficProxy and vPilot? Thanks,
  17. I haven't noticed any change in my VAS usage after starting to use the proxy.
  18. Thank you Ross, works great now with the proxy! Cheers,
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