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  1. Rahul, thanks! Yesterday i fly on jackson ville airspace. The atc was Stephen. And atc for KBDL? The next fly will be skrg kbdl.
  2. Nicholas, NO, my keyboard is not in braille. I can read braille, but i the computer i use a screen reader, jaws for windows. you can see more information of this screen reader in www.freedomscientific.com I'm glad because i''m feelling very good in vatsim.
  3. I was just about to post a similar question ... it's fascinating that someone with visual impairments can fly a simulator ... I too would love to hear some details on how it's done, if you're willing to share. Hi, i going to try to explain. Preparing the flight plan. KIAH KDfW. Firstly, i cannot read charts, i learn the dep and app procedures listening real ATc, for example. I go to the asalink.net and i catch a route in the free area. In the american airlines virtual site, i use the fuel planer to put the amount of fuel in the plane. After, i put the plane selected in a gate of KIAH, wi
  4. f Ok Bryan, i always put this information in the remark section but every time i tell to the controller for read it. Thanks again!
  5. Ian thanks for your post. I'm glad because all of you are agree that my situation is diferent and all of you are giving greats ideas. I always put on the flight plan comments a short desciption of my situation, I don't know if the atc can read it.
  6. Bryan, i have a leg to do in aav cyul skrg next skrg kbwi and after kwbi mdsd. I believe in kbwi we can tried a ground vector, must be really great!
  7. Rich, is a good idea. I'm first officer at american airlines virtual. I think that if are few traphic a ground vector is really good to test. But if are 15 planes taxing, wait or coordinate to go directly to the rwy is a good too. Thanks. Juan.
  8. Hi, thanks for understand. Yes, would be a good idea experiment that the ground vector me for do the taxi. But if the first tip for you is ok, wait to the others pilots take of and after that going directly to the rwy. thanks again! i'm glad for arriveto a good solution in a short time. Juan.
  9. Dear friends of Vatsim Usa. I'm Juan Pablo a virtual blind pilot. I write for you to tray explain the situation about the taxi procedure. I flight using a screen reader (jaws for windows) www.freedomscientific.com and using FSNavigator to build my flight route. This software allows me to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] to the plane fms, all the fixes, vor, and dep rwy and dest rwy. All the other thinks, like climb, descent, speed, flaps, are controlled by me. The taxi procedure unhappy, is impossible to do by a blind pilot with anny software. I would like to give ideas for you and you discuss it. In a
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