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  1. WSJC_CTR during the mid-autumn festival event.
  2. WF overflying the Singaporean airspace en-route WMSA-WARR.
  3. A very warm welcome! See you online soon!
  4. Got this while flying last Saturday night. It's how I remembered, may not be the exact thing. VTBB_CTR: HVNxxx, identified FL330, continue flight planned route, report ready for descent. HVNxxx: Rgr. 15 minutes later VTBB_CTR: HVNxxx, what are you doing? HVNxxx: Listening to music. VTBB_CTR: HVNxxx, you are descending through FL240, I told you to report ready for descent. ----- Then I got an a/c squawking 7700 coming in to land while I was on WSSS_TWR. AGDxxx: TWR, AGDxxx coming in for 20R, hydraulic failure, no gear and flaps. WSSS_TWR: Roger, surface winds 180 at 5 k
  5. Welcome on board! Do have a great time here! 1) The ATC may not have realised. If you think you're doing something wrong and the ATC remains quiet, feel free to ask for a confirmation. 2) You only report those if you're handed over. If you came in from an uncontrolled airspace, it'd be better to report your position as well since the controller may not be able to find you, especially if he's controlling a huge airspace.
  6. Was doing delivery and this happened. WSSS_GND: AICxxx taxi to holding point E1 for runway 20C via C6 SC1 EP. AICxxx: Roger taxi holding point E1 runway 20C via C6 SC1 EP. AICxxx follows taxis correctly but turns the wrong direction onto EP which leads to 02C and is about to miss the last junction to turn back. WSSS_GND: AICxxx hold position, you are going the wrong direction. By the time the transmission ended the plane is way past the junction. AICxxx: Don't worry sir, we got it. Then the plane goes all over the gr[Mod - Happy Thoughts] and back on the taxiway on the
  7. Hi, the web servers may be down (they'll be back very soon), but the network servers are still up and you can still fly online. For more updates and information: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=61952
  8. I've always wanted to post this but the forums were down for the past week so... Although I joined since March, I only flew in fully uncontrolled airspace. I flew my first flight under ATC coverage just 2 weeks ago, from Sydney back to my home base in Singapore with an A380. I was so scared to press the PTT button that I was stuck on the ground 30 minutes after my filed departure time. And finally I did it - I requested my clearance. I had a piece of paper so I took down everything I had to read back (I even remembered I had a nice squawk code, 4040), then asked for push and start, follo
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