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  1. Appears EA has been fixed as well many other items. Downloading as I write.
  2. Felix congratulations and best wishes in your new appointment. See you in the Spanish skies.
  3. Hi What simulator are you using. Operating system? If on a windows10 OS install vpilot in your Sim PC and also on your netwoked PC or client. Once installed the windows symbol on the bottom left of your screen and click with your left button and it will display a list of programs installed on your PC. Scroll down to vpilot and open the folder and select Host mode with voice (if your headset is installed on the PC) or Host Mode if the headset is on the client. Repeat the procedure in the client except that this time you will chose Remote mode ot Remote mode with voice.
  4. AirAsturias VA is a new Virtual Airline and accepts members using FSX, XPlane, P3D and MSFS2020. They have a varied fleet and have an easy approach to simulation. Here is their promo video shot in MSFS2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5HLP24n5dI The website is here: https://airasturiasvirtual.com/ Drop by and see if you could be interested in becoming a member.
  5. Can someone tell me how I can release a slot for the CTP, unfortunately I cannot find on the CTP website any link to release. I am unable to take part due to an urgent family emergency #VATSIMCTP
  6. I didn't get a TMI and therefore never put it in the box. Later a pilot on the frequecy mentioned that without TMI nattrack wouldn't work. Cannot confirm o deny if what he said was actually correct, since have not used since then. The rest of the flight was done via voice position reports.
  7. Something I would like to mention is that the last time I tried to use Nattrack I coudn't get it to work because the TMI was not included with the route assigned. Perhaps worth mentioning this to those organising the Nat Tracks routes for release to pilots. Regards Joaquin .
  8. Here in Britain any person has the right to change their name by deed poll but also if a person is considering to transition to a different sex/sexuality they can by law change their name to that of their choice in his/her new gender. It seems to me that the problem that many people experience while transitioning is that the country in which they reside doesn't allow what is now common in Britain and a few other states. If the originator had the right to change his/her name to that of the opposite sex, the issue encountered in Vatsim would not have taken place. Unfortunately many countries hav
  9. Would like to buy ZBAA scenery but so far have found only two versions, one is A-A Sceneries and the other WF Scenery Studio. However none appear to be v5 compatible. Would be interested in knowing if anyone has managed to get any of the two to work on v5. Feedback much appreciated.
  10. Muchisimas gracias Pablo. Lo he instalado y funciona de maravilla. Saludos Joaquin
  11. Hola Pablo Gracias por contestarme, estoy usando Prepard3D v.5.1. Saludos
  12. Hi Ross I still have one for FLAI under Custom Rules and didn't realise it wasn't necessary anymore. Thanks for your reply. Regards
  13. Looking for vmr generator for p3d but not sure where to download it. Link much appreciated.
  14. On your website it says Pilot Applications currently closed.
  15. Michael Thank you very much for the xml file. It works now and it is much improved and easier on the eye. Much obliged for your contribution.
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