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  1. Just about to start a flight. See screenshots.
  2. Before this new interface and prefiling a flight plan by Simbrief for a B744, I would start up vpilot and obtain the flight plan from the server and automatically the Heavy Aircraft and Equipment suffix box would be ticked and the suffix would show /L automatically. No further action on my part. Currently when submitting the flight plan the new ICAO form appears and I have to enter wether I am voice able and the form is then prefiled. When requesting the flight plan from server both the above mentioned boxes are unticked and the equipment suffix code is empty.The reason why I then
  3. I always use Simbrief and prefile now in the new ICAO format. However have noticed that when requesting vpilot to fetch the FP from the server the equipment suffix code and the heavy aircraft boxes are unticked. So not sure if this correct but I tick those boxes when appropriate and enter the /L suffix and refile the plan. Is this wrong or make any difference? Also trying to find in the new form where to put the RTF call sign, at the moment I enter it in the RMK area for less common call signs.
  4. Was this event not meant to take place tomorrow July 11th?
  5. Been trying to access the website for quite a while but unable to connect. Anyone experiencing this? Happy 4th of July to our American colleagues. It is now up and running.
  6. Thank Andreas, no I have never experienced this that's why I was surprised, some other pilots online were also asking about this to the controller. Thank you for your very good explanation. The areas I was flying through were EURO Control West and Bordeaux once I entered another ATC Control area it was back to squawk code. Best regards
  7. While flying this evening I was surprised when the Eurocontrol West and Bordeaux asked every pilot to squawk 1000, as I have never experienced this before. Appreciate that under Mode S this is permitted Can the experts explain the reason and the benefit of this? Thanks
  8. I have been reading this topic from the beginning and have tried all the suggestions so far, and the only one that worked was Disable realistic ATC audio effects. Since I like to keep the effects I get around it by placing the earphones of the headset just over my ears that still allows me to hear and when the volume suddenly rises, it's more manageable. Have had this issue countless times over the last few months while flying under ATC control all over this virtual world. Let's hope the people who set up the audio system can have another look and identify a solution.
  9. While on ATC frequency suddenly the voice transmition of either Controller or Pilot will surge at a very loud volume. Haven't managed to find out why this happens. Is there a fix for this available.? Running on latest official vPilot software. Joaquin
  10. Have had this issue since the last time the did some updates on the voice server. Not often but while connected to an active ATC frequency. My ATC client is vPilot but I don't believe it is the cause of the problem.
  11. Thank you Trevor, all being so new didn't realise how it works now. Thanks
  12. It seems that the old "Read new posts" has disappeared from this new Forum. This was very useful so as not to have to go through all the unread posts and still be able at a glance to see what is actually new. Although it doesn't affect me the forum background is far too bright, even Microsoft has now realised that this can be a problem for many people and has introduced Black settings in windows 10. regards
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