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  1. I got it to work on the 1803 build. If you go to recovery either revert to an older version or re install windows.
  2. Someone posted a topic regarding this issue in the VSTARs support forms however the question was not ansered for windows 10. Anyone else encounter this error? I get a similair error when starting vSTARs as well however VRC works just fine. Any thoughts?
  3. Anyone run into this issue before? It will show up fine in VRC but after I covert it over to vERAM from the sector file it shows up like this and its drawing lines where there should not be lines?
  4. Thanks Ross works now, FYI the same thing happens in vERAM with 128.200. I was able to update the file manually the same way I did with vSTARs.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ewrg3qy4cvul36/ZAU%20POF%201.5.pof?dl=0 That's a POF file ... I need to see the facility file.
  6. Don, Yes I’ve tried that I even deleted everything and just had 1S still wouldn’t show up. Also the InFacility list configuration file what are you referring to?
  7. In the POF file the position is listed as “128.200” for the frequency and “1S” as the tag. When you prime up on vSTARS on “128.200” the position tag does not change to “1S” rather it still shows “AA”. But when I change the frequency in the POF to “128.201” and prime up on “128.201” vSTARS will recognize the frequency and the tag will change to”1S”. That being said nothing to do with the RDVS but for some reason vSTARS does not like “128.200” and wil not recognize any position [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with that frequency. If I were to open VRC the position will show up correctly
  8. All the positions show up correctly except for one. CHI_S_APP will only show up as "AA" When I change the frequency to "128.201" it shows up as "1S" like it should. There are also no other positions in the POF file using the same frequency or ID. Also it shows up in VRC but not in vSTARs as "1S" Any ideas?
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