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  1. Dan, of course I've made sure that freq of fellow controller is equal to freq in my .ese file Thanks for the link - it seems that's the same problem.
  2. At first, I'd like to say many thanks to guys who made such a great thing like EuroScope! And here's the problem I've discovered: it seems that positions with '_' in their callprefixes (e.g. UNKL_R_APP) are not recognized by program. It's quite serious issue for VATRUS controllers due to local ATC peculiarities. As example, position of Krasnoyarsk Krug (Radar) - UNKL_R_APP: Krasnoyarsk Krug:Krasnoyarsk Krug:122.000:KR:R:UNKL_R:APP:UNKL_R:APP:0030:0049 If someone staffs this position on appropriate frequency, I see not 'KR' in my positon list, but '10' or something similar. Ma
  3. Hello guys! Here's the Kamchatka scenery (including UHPP) link — http://www.avsim.ru/files.phtml?action=download&id=8112&hl=UHPP. As Brian said, there's a restriction of download speed if you're not logged into site.
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