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  1. And also note that KEWR has a class D airspace, which is why you need a clearence from ATC 🙂 Torben
  2. You can find planning chart at https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/ifr/ Torben
  3. yes, both the x86 and the x64 packages are installed.
  4. I hadn't, but after installation - it makes no difference. Torben Problemsignatur: Navn på problemhændelse: CLR20r3 Problemsignatur 01: VATGlasses.exe Problemsignatur 02: Problemsignatur 03: fa96d8bb Problemsignatur 04: System Problemsignatur 05: 4.8.4001.0 Problemsignatur 06: 5d37b3ae Problemsignatur 07: a25 Problemsignatur 08: 21a Problemsignatur 09: System.Net.WebException OS-version: 6.1.7601. Landestandard-id: 1030 Flere oplysninger 1: 0a9e Flere oplysninger 2: 0a
  5. However, Euroscope has a database for ICAO airlines and KTK is KATEKAVIA. So users of Euroscope could change/add the new code to the database. But a centralized action would be preferred, so all users implements this. BUT AZV is already in use: AZOV AVIA in Ukraine. Duplicate ICAO codes aren't good 😞 Or are the two companies the same? Wouldn't have thought so...
  6. Flying VFR you need to be able to find your position using visuals only. So the VFR reporting point needn't have to be known by LAT/LON. Just look out of the cockpit windows and compare you position with your chart. So a vfr chart should do. Openflightmaps has the VFR reporting point marked or you can find them on the VFR chart for the area in question. I think you should be able to mark the point on LittleNavmap just by clicking on the map.
  7. Unfortunately I am still unable to run VATGlases on my win7 computer. Same error using verion Torben
  8. Sounds great, thanks Torben
  9. Thank you, Jonas. Perhaps that's why, I had to stop controlling BICC_FSS during the latest CTP event. It was impossible for me due to lag, so hopefully this was the reason. Torben
  10. At least in Denmark the decimal separator is a comma, so Norway could also uses this, but Adrian surely knows that. But changing this is not the reason I can't run vatglasses on my computer. Torben
  11. Latest No error messages from VATGlasses - it is an error from Windows Torben
  12. Vatglasses can't run on my win7 computer. Any reason for this? Torben
  13. Charts for European airports are usually free and can be found at the local AIP. AIPs in some Europeans coutries charge a fee, but these can be circumvented by getting the charts via Eurocontrol (www.ead.eurocontrol.int). You need to register, but it's free. Torben
  14. I can recognize the scenario you mention. Apart from urging pilots to be alert and pay attention to the frequency, I have no fix to these problems. As for a software telling pilot for upcomming controlled areas - well, that's a hard one as it also should incorporate airspace designated an other controller. E.g. in the North Sea a large area belonging to Scottish Control is actually controlled by Danish ATC. Many pilots are not aware of this (perhaps rightfully so) and are somewhat puzzled, when I ask them to contact me - and some don't! Or are irritated that I ask them to, as they are in
  15. No, I don't think you're doing anything wrong. And naturally ATC should also handle text pilots in a timely manner. But one needs to understand, that in a high traffic load situation, dealing with text pilots can be a slow and comebersome task for many controllers, depending on the setup of their alias files in the radar client. In a not so densely situation one would not expect this to be an issue. But another thing is also at large here: LANGUAGE. Proficiency in English also differs depending on wether it is the spoken or the written language. Many people, who have English as a second (o
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