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  1. If you fly in the NAT track area, you can naturally fly the NAT track. It is not mandatory and you can fly a random route, but if it interferes with the NAT tracks, it's best to adhere to the NAT track. But crossing the Atlantic can be done both North and South of the NAT area. Flying to/from Central/Western US/Canada often leads you over Greenland and thus a random route. But NATs are used on a daily basis on VATSIM and not just during events. regards
  2. Short answer - yes! On VATSIM we have Topdown controlling, so a controlled airport should be controlled by CTR. However, uncontrolled airports might not. There you monitor and announce your intentions on Unicom. When airborne AND about to enter controlled airpace you contact CTR for clearence to enter controlled airspace. If you remain in uncontrolled airspace (class G) there is no need to contact CTR at all, unless you want flight following. regards
  3. You can see from the Navigraph Survey that approx. 15% use FSX:Steam (p.62 in the survey). You can find a link here :https://blog.navigraph.com/post/640055551804489728/flightsim-community-2020-survey-results Torben
  4. No- but I though that the checklist was independant of plane, but understand that it is integrated in the FMC, so won't work for me.
  5. Clearences from Gander/Shanwick are normally/often given when the aircraft is in the air. Perhaps it might "confuse" such a controller to be called from an airport on the ground to request oceanic clearence. This however is quiet common when departing Iceland/Greenland/Faroe Islands. Perhaps this was the reason for the comment. However, I hardly ever control Oceanic airspace anymore (BICC endorsed). I think we need a tool for making sure the spacing is correct. I can easily give clearence, telling the airplane to be at OCA entry point at xxxxZ, but without being certain, that the spacing will
  6. You can write a remark in your flightplan stating you are a beginner and request a slower communication rate. However, the full flightplan is not alway read by ATC depending on position: As enroute controller I can see your flightplan route through my area using Euroscope, without opening your flightplan, which means that I probably don't read your flightplan remarks. So written remarks has its limitations. You can also tell the controller on initial contact, that you are a beginner and would like some patience and slower communication from ATC. I'll certainly try to accomodate you, but if you
  7. I would simply logon without filing a flightplan. Then you wouldn't be seen in the different lists the controller has, but he will see you on the ground, if he is a twr or gnd controller (app and center might see you depending on the settings in Euroscope). As controller I would not happy to spend time looking in the remarks of a pilot's flightplan to find out, that you aren't going to fly. That is simply a waste of my time as controller. regards Torben
  8. Hello Rick EKCH (or Copenhagen) is definitely not to be contacted for a flight "down" in Germany. Only very close to the Danish border is a little bit of Germany delegated to Danish controller and no airports. So UNICOM was the correct choice. (BTW. EKDK_CTR covers all of Denmark, EKCH_APP cover approach to EKCH and EKRK, and EKCH_TWR is, well, tower at Cpenhagen Kastrup airport). As for the weather - I think the best is real (or Vatsim) weather as this is what ATC has to work with. As controllers it would be a complete mess, if every pilot had its own weather resulting in different
  9. When logging into Euroscope you're asked to insert a logoff time. This is not mandatory, but a service to the pilots. However, after sitting 3 hour "in the office" and planes are still coming into the airport, at some time you need to say enough is enough and log off. Naturally it is bad luck for pilots, who saw atc online, but this can't be helped. I always book the position in advance and sit in the announce period - traffic or not. Sitting 3 hours at EKBI and only handling 1 plane is not fun, but the only way to have pilots flying into minor airports is to make sure they are staffed. I do s
  10. Try looking here: https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/China_Reduced_Vertical_Separation_Minima_(RVSM) regards
  11. You need to give some more details on where you are flying, as rules differs from country to country. In Denmark you will be given a STAR by the controller (only Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, EKCH, has STARs in Denmark), either a VECTOR STAR (for the lack of a better name) or a RNAV STAR. Usually vectors are given. You are naturally free to ask for a specific STAR and ATC will try to accomodate you. In EKCH vectors are more common. In short, you ought to be able to follow ATC instructions and not blindly stick to the filed flight plan - this insures some room for ATC to accomodate the
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