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  1. RW: -runway 33 cleared for take-off -we need one more minute after the preceeding -vacate to the left (a/c on final) -we're rolling now Both a/c Medium category.
  2. And what is exactly so "ultra-realistic" about having charts?
  3. And which of them are legitimate? Sorry, but "unable to find charts for EGKK" is a bit implausible.
  4. Nice try. I can name some legitimate reasons people don't use voice. Try naming one for not having charts for EGKK.
  5. No, it's not my job. My job is in the RW. Guess what, here as ATC I am for enjoyment, just like your pilots that get offended by everything instead of trying to learn. These days there is in fact no excuse for having charts in 95% of places worldwide, this is a statement of fact, not attitude. If someone flies EGLL-EDDF with "no charts" rmk, it shows HIS attitude, and I don't feel I need to provide any service to him. "No wonder we lose pilots"? No wonder we also lose ATCos who get tired with all this stuff. Just drop the "learning environment" bit and at least we'll know what we're standing o
  6. If people are offended by requirement to have charts, let them indeed move to IVAO.
  7. One wonders if we have this policy in place just because we have more Serbian then Kosovar members...
  8. Because it's not a good idea to enter a route to EDDF (that's what Freek gave you) if you want to fly to LYBE
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