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  1. I think I had similar issue but was able to resolve it. I use two sound cards - one for my desktop speakers and one for my headset. My headset runs on my SoundBlaster and it looks like my software changed the Speaker/Headphones Configuration to another option (in this case it was 5.1 Surround). By changing it back to "Headphones," I was able to hear ATC again through vPilot. Not sure if this is the same issue you are having but maybe it will help someone! Regards, Chris
  2. Gym Tan Laundry! I love it. They also use the acronym "DTF" a lot on the show. Chris Smith KPWM
  3. Hi forum readers- Since VATUSA.NET is down, I have no idea where FNO will be tonight. I would be grateful for the headsup! Thanks, Chris
  4. I think individual ARTCC's should host their own annual get togethers, while also making a good effort to invite/include pilots. It is a model that has worked well for Boston with the Tea Party. In my opinnion, I find it a much more cost effective way to meet fellow Vatsimmers. Chris Smith
  5. Nate, is that all I am to you as I fly around your airspace on the VATSIM network ?! I'll take my business elsewhere - I thought this wasnt a dictatorship! Horrumph! Baaaaaa Otherwise, nice metaphor
  6. So, sounds like a done deal. AVSIM convention, or FANCON 2008, next year we'll plan on the VATUSA seminar. I think they are voting on the location at AVSIM.COM for the next convention.. go and make your vote count! I voted for Atlanta! http://www.avsim.com/poll/ We need someone from VATUSA to coordinate booths, and we also need to inquire about a seperate room in the case there will be some live VATUSA event at the venue. Maybe we could hook up some computers with flight simulator and have FANCON attendees fly around on VATSIM under "guest" registrations to get a feel for the network.
  7. How about taking 6 seconds to respond to any air traffic control instruction - I might try that one As a result, you might put me in a 60 minute holding pattern.
  8. KPWM in Portland Maine.. runway 11 and 29 has been extended by 500 feet I believe. But who cares, not many fly in and out of PWM.
  9. Hey Ryan, nice to see you in the air. The staffing was pretty sp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] for this coast to coast flight. Particularly for my CLT-SFO flight in the A321 Chris
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