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  1. The fix above was confirmed to work with 2 aircraft tonight while controlling.
  2. Over the last month or so myself and several other controllers have noticed that the receive side of AFV will terminate. All pilots are able to hear us transmit but we are unable to hear them. This requires a restart of AFV which will rectify the problem but I have had it happen again within 30-45 min. of the same session. Sometimes if I close AFV, it will not reopen and a full computer restart is required. I do not see any other posts about this issue. I am forwarding the 50000 port as well. A pilot mentioned to me tonight that he has had the same issue with other controllers that he has enco
  3. thanks Ross. I did not turn that on intentionally. I have tons of real estate. I will check when I get home.
  4. Wow. Tried all that , too. Can't seem to figure it out. Can you look at my config file? The default screen is the only one with the problem. All sub windows are working. When I open another facility file , the toolbar shows up. Hate to lose all my settings.
  5. Yes. Fully manipulated the window in unlocked mode. Nothing there. Is there a way to reinstall without losing my saved fixes, etc?
  6. Correct. The screenshot is everything moved around to search.
  7. Not sure what happened. It was there one minute, then it as gone. I can't even find the mini toolbar tab on the screen. Anyone have a fix? https://gyazo.com/0be612cec8c9d02733c7fdafae2a2ac4
  8. The vATIS link seems to be linked to vFDIO instead. https://gyazo.com/93583ba66d0c4d7f2cf1830fe57c0011
  9. Thanks for the info. Please excuse my ignorance, but what do the numbers in parentheses represent?
  10. I was hoping that we can get a step by step procedure for how to manage the aircraft calling for clearance with a filed IFR flight plan. I am specifically curious as to the simplest way to issue a beacon code to the departure since the FP Editor will not allow a beacon code to be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned. I was reading about the DM command and was curious if this was used in this situation. I do not see any specific information about the DM command or how to input and activate this command. I had been using the QT command , left clicking near the field, then entering the callsign as
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