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  1. Unfourtunately the problem is still there It worked fine for the first 30min or so, but now it's just as it was before, timing out every 3-10min
  2. That's good news! So far 7min and voice still works, will stay around for another 20min or so, just to be certain, hopefully it stays that way.
  3. Thanks for the tip and the explanation! Did as you said and at the moment I'm sitting on ground at EGSS airport listening out to London Control, to see will it timeout or not. Hopefully everything works, fingers crossed. Will look into Netstat thanks for the tip.
  4. Hi all, For a few months now, I've been battling with a problem regarding losing voice comms during flight. After being around 5min on the frequency, communicating and receiving voice just fine, I suddenly stop hearing anybody, that is until I press the PTT again, sometimes all it takes is 1min for voice to timeout, sometimes it's more. I've read up on the forums where people have had similar issues, and tried all of the offered fixes/workarounds but to not avail. I've forwarded the UDP 3290 port and disabled firewall through my router, been through each and every setting there is to
  5. I'm getting an error when launching "EuroScope.exe". Tried reinstalling it twice, also deleted registry entries [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with EuroScope application - didn't help. Any help appreciated.
  6. Not a big deal, but anyways, would be nice to see that on new update. As EVRR_CTR is a "control" position, would be great if that could be changed from center to control. Latvia|EV|Control Thanks a lot !
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