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  1. There is no ‘real’ difference between a C1/C3 if we’re speaking candidly, we used to have a ‘roaming controller endorsement’(VATEUD) as a C3 but that’s long gone. I’m all for people aiming for a C3 but when it brings nothing tangible to the table there is no real point. Having a rating based on ‘role model’ status is a bit vain In fairness, there are plenty of S2/S3/C1’s that put the time and effort into mentoring/doc creation/division and vACC administration duties etc etc, then when they want to become a C3, they’re to complete a leadership course?. Recently(Jan 2021) I applie
  2. How did this thread get to 3 pages from an original post that provided no proof but ‘their word’ that what happened....happened?. just wondering.
  3. Totally understand, I used it for my streams too, this is a screengrab from one of the streams, disregard the 'Zulu time' and 'Flight board' text, that was added by me(overlay for the stream) It alternated from Arrivals to departures(top left) with the white bar telling you which was being displayed.
  4. Air Manager V3 costs 65.00€!, Just download Virtual AWOS its free👍
  5. Andreas is right, no survey needs to be done, the system logs who connects in with what simulator/client. VATSIM did get over 1300 connections at one point last weekend I believe and not a single FSINN user was needed for that, so....
  6. In Windows 10 you can set volume levels for specific programs/apps and route them to different outputs. First make sure vpilot is running. In Windows search type 'sound' or 'sound settings' to get to that page, once there, there should be an option down the bottom for volume control 'App volume and devise preference'(it'll have an icon with a volume slider). Once you click it, the page should change to all the programs you've open and their individual volume level and audio output, make sure the vpilot slider is NOT all the way to the left.
  7. Wow, developers, can you feel the love? Just know that most of us believe in and love you all -- and know that everyone involved in our hobby owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude. Sorry Don, My choice of words was harsh, I meant that with all the parties involved it could take only one to be not interested in the issue because in the grand scheme of things it's a small issue effecting a small number
  8. The issue is with the model data, not the ability to be able to have a tower view using a proxy. Take Euroscope for example, does the aircraft data issue lie with Euroscope solely? or vpilot which is used for the .towerview command? or is it the client the pilot is using(xpilot, SWIFT, xSB, FSINN..etc)?. Each developer will have to firstly care about the issue, then diagnose and action it. Will that happen?, doubt it. Lots of aircraft look like tie fighters lately floating around with no gear. I actually asked an aircraft to confirm his gear was down before realizing it's a data is
  9. I too agree with Gabriel, tower view in my opinion is a must capability. Since the release of the new pilot clients the aircraft data is all messed up using the euroscope proxy server, some don't show their landing gear and some don't even show up full stop. I think an exception should be made for controllers wanting to use the observer mode in the pilot clients so they can utilize a towerview. I know the whole 'resources' argument is going to come up but we've multiple aircraft at anyone time flying long haul in uncontrolled airspace who are using resources without even interactin
  10. There is no country no matter how little there is ATC provided that doesn't not fall under some bureaucracy(Division/vACC) etc etc. I don't believe anywhere is 'opensky' anymore. Which is a shame.
  11. A 'live ATC' style system for listening in on active ATC would be great but isn't possible yet. You'll need to connect in your sim.
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