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  1. Hello, This is a HOWTO on how to use Euroscope and AFV on Linux(UBUNTU 20.04) under wine to help Linux users avoid using a VM. What works: All expected core functionality including most plugins I use(TopSky and Ground Radar) What doesn't work: AFV Bridge, Proxy (client not fed data), Some ALERT messages from TopSky which could be related to the mentioned proxy issue. This requires wine 6, so Install wine stable from the official wine PPA as described here: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu Install and, since the repository winetricks is o
  2. Hello, To run AVF under wine install dotnet472 with winetricks WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/YourWinePathHere/AudioForVatsim winetricks dotnet 472 Or without winetricks install the following into your wine bottle manually: dotnet40 dotnet45 dotnet46 dotnet461 dotnet462 dotnet472 After that you can install the Audio for Vatsim.msi. It started having problems for me after the initial success(crashes on startup), but it could be my archaic wine release, see if you fare better.
  3. Exactly. It seems in some areas there's bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy. These dormant regions are simply too quiet to have a regular structure enforced upon it. Someone would gladly man such a dormant airspace as a change from the usual routine, but investing time, effort and going through hurdles to be rewarded a privilege to control such a dormant airspace does not seem attractive.
  4. Dormant regions should not be required to have a regular structure(VACC) Instead, any VATSIM C1 rated controller should be able to man those positions until the situation has sufficiently improved to justify building a regular structure.
  5. I have also a crash that seems to happen on establishing a connection with the r15 beta. Win7 64, logs available, let me know where to send.
  6. Hello, Depending on your time zone, I might mentor you outside of existing pilot training schemes. Take care, Semir
  7. The main demotivating factor for me are not simply those who are new or clueless, these I am happy to help provided workload is not too high, it is rather when people are ignorant and do not seek help and put no effort whatsoever to improve. I now control a lot less. Is obligatory P1 a feasable solution? I don't think so. But a voluntary rank system would be something to consider. Like flown hours, it could be something to brag about and at the same time encourage improvement.
  8. I don't follow ... can you elaborate? I would have the program check for the altitude and act accordingly depending on a set of rules. Range, aircraft count could then be dynamically altered depending on preference set in the rules. My preference would for example be to show more aircraft at a small radius when I am on the ground ( busy event, I prefer to see the ones closer to me than those flying 30nm away in the TMA ) and fewer aircraft with a bigger radius when in in flight. Someone else would possibly like to set a rule that aircraft that are vertically 20000ft higher/lower should
  9. I would love to have a more intelligent handling of the performance, where the radius and the max aircraft count are governed by rulesets similar to those for AI. For instance the range radius value would increase the higher the aircraft is ( up to a limit ) while the aircraft display count would decrase ( down to a limit )
  10. please, implement an idle check ( monitor the mouse or ask a simple math question every now and then, this goes for vpilot as well ) those out of cockpit pilots are really flocking in lately
  11. Hello, I am one of the mentors in Denmark, please visit http://www.vatsim-scandinavia.org and contact the training director with a training request. You will be put in a que and instructed on what to do. Semir
  12. There was some local ATC a few years back, but now as far as I know, it's pretty dead. Check here: http://www.vatcaf.org/ /Semir
  13. Ah ok, thanks! I am using DATMAS ( Danish tags ) so i did not have it defined. Works well now /Semir
  14. Hello, I have noticed that in v3.2 there are no aircraft listed anymore in the Simulator (training) dialog when running a scenario via sweatbox, is this intended or am I doing something wrong? Ok i have read the wiki which says it's obsolete now ( why keep it then? ) but it seems most of the buttons on the ribbon do not work for me ( i can expand the ribbon, but none of the expanded ones work ) Thanks /Semir
  15. A supervisor was attempting to contact you, you should reply to those messages. You may be disconnected from the network if you do not reply. Take care, Semir
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